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Pool Resurfacing Cost And The Seven Common Factors That Affect It

If used too often, a swimming pool’s exterior is subject to wear and tear.

0Soon the surfaces would acquire splitting slabs, cracking pool shells, and fading colors. When this occurs, it may require that your pool decks and surfaces undergo resurfacing.

The next thing you would worry about is how much it would cost.

How much it costs varies greatly depending on the area’s size, materials used, and labor costs. There are seven primary factors that go into pool resurfacing. Let’s learn!

Factors Influencing the Cost of Resurfacing a Swimming Pool

To resurface your swimming pool’s exterior, you need a combination of plaster, concrete and sealers, and other coverings or overlays. All these now would account for the overall cost of resurfacing.

Pool Resurfacing Cost And The Seven Common Factors That Affect It

Below is a list of factors that affect your pool resurfacing cost. Seven you need to take into account.

Dimension of the pool

There are three dimensions to a swimming pool: width, height, and depth. Experts from the Pool Deck Resurfacing Orlando will have a pool assessed. And these are the dimension they must take note of.

A contractor can sometimes ask for fees for measuring the pool area. But some locally situated contractors can easily visit your place and have it evaluated for free.

If you will look at, they can offer exactly that. 

The entire cost that you need to consider falls on the fact that the larger your swimming pool is, the more expensive it will be. So if you got pools with a larger surface area, it requires more resurfacing.

Costs associated with different materials

Various materials are used to build swimming pools. The cost will also vary depending on the supply and the time of the year. For example, some materials like tiles, marble, and wood can have their cost to own or go up. Especially supplies of these materials decrease go down during a specific season.

But other materials like concrete are available all year round.

It is accessible anywhere, so transferring these materials is not a problem. Due to their accessibility, concrete pools and concrete pool decks can be more cost-efficient.

Compensation for the workers

Labor costs fluctuate depending on the worker’s region and expertise.

This minor detail often needs to be added to your budgetary requirements. Consider the State where you will do pool resurfacing.

Hiring someone who might need to come from another city might be expensive. There are also two reasons for these.

One, you must consider the travel expenses they must use to get you. The other is due to the discrepancy in the labor rate for those from another State or region.

The present swimming pool exterior

If the existing pool coating is in bad shape, it may need to be fixed or changed before refinishing can be carried out.

Introducing extras to the pool, like an in-ground hot tub or a water slide, will increase the expenditure for redoing it.

The location of the swimming pool property

The cost difference varies contingent on the geographic spot. It is typically more costly to redo a pool in an urban area than in a rural setting.

The rate of pool resurfacing if in season

Usually, the rate of pool resurfacing is more expensive during the busiest period. Typically, the busy months fall from late May to early September. You should plan first if you want to resurface and avoid these seasons.

A local contracting company, just like Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Orlando can tailor their service fees.

No matter what season, they can offer free quotations on their website at Or be lucky enough when you catch them offer some discounts when out of season.

Investing In pool renovation

Investing in pool renovation can be a wise decision, making your pool appear and act as if it were just purchased.

Resurfacing your pool deck extends its life, which is something to consider. Give it a prudent job to acquire numerous appraisals and contrast costs prior to settling on a resolution.

Uncostly advice

Before we end, here is some final advice that will save you more in the future.

Gather a variety of quotes: Obtaining several quotes from diverse contractors is essential. This will ensure that you are paying a reasonable rate for the labor.

Investigate to get good investment: Investigate the background of any contractors you ponder bringing on board. Doing this will give you an insight into their craftsmanship and customer service standards. If you finally found a reliable contractor, then your investments are secured!

Ensuring that the service provider is accredited: It is critical to verify that the expert you hire is certified by authorities or a business bureau and insured. This will offer safety in case of any issues during the restoration process.

Document the details: Have a record of the job parameters, schedules, and costs to prevent any miscommunication in the future.

Keep in mind that there may be extra fees: Anytime you work on a building, there is usually an oversight to the total expenses. Add these when considering your budget. You can estimate them and label them as miscellaneous, emergency funds, or extra fees.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.