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Pillow Pets

Pillow Pets

What kid never falls asleep without a lovey? Whose kids have trouble sleeping because they are afraid of the dark, lonely etc? Pillow Pets have the product for you. Since 2003 the Pillow Pets the pet and pillow company, has been creating pillows shaped as pets that resemble a stuffed version of our children's favorite characters. These pillows double as a pillow of course and as a pet when strapped up.

Pillow Pet1


How it all started

Jennifer Telfer, the inventor created Pillow Pets when her sons would squish down their stuffed animals to make a pillow. Initially they created the cozy cow, snuggly puppy, puffy duck, wiggly pig, friendly frog, and silly monkey. Today they have created more than 36 different animals and have created characters from shows like Paw Patrol and movies like Trolls. The company also has created things like dream lites which are pillows that create a pattern of lights on the wall or ceiling and jumbo pillow pets which are just a larger version of the beloved pillow pets.

What makes them lovable

The pillows are made of chenille which makes them extra cuddly. The strap that is located on the bottom side of the animal is what changes the pillow into the animal with just a strip of Velcro. This makes a simple stuffed animal functional which cuts down on clutter in your house.

Pillow Pet2

Our Pet

Our pet is the purple magical unicorn. She is soft and plush and well loved in our house. Our children love to cuddle up to her while they sleep or open her up to use as a pillow while they are watching a movie. The magical unicorn comes in handy when my 2 year old, who has trouble sleeping, doesn't want to be alone. She provides him with comfort to make it through those hard minutes while she is falling asleep on her own.

The pets can be purchased and more information can be found in the links provided throughout the post.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.