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Picking the Best Daycare

Alexandria VA has enjoyed continued growth in recent years and with its connection to many government agencies, remains a popular location for professionals who work in the public sector. With many young families relocating to Alexandria VA a good daycare is a must for your children. With a local population of over 150,000, there are many daycares to choose from however, this wide selection can be an issue. Not all daycares offer the same level of care and quality and with so many choices, knowing which daycare to select can be a challenge.

Picking the Best Daycare

What Makes an Alexandria Daycare the Best?

  • A Good First Impression: before you sign your child up for daycare, you’ll want to visit the daycare itself during business hours to get a feel for the services they provide. Be sure to observe the daycare itself and note things like space, materials, toys, how well maintained the daycare is, and the moods of the children there. Happy, comfortable, and engaged children are a good sign. A good daycare will feel homely and also put you at ease. 
  • How Do You Want Your Child’s Day To Go?: there are many approaches to how daycare centers will format a child’s day and they are all valid methods. Picking a good daycare also involves picking one that matches your preferences. Some daycares are more relaxed and while the children there engage in healthy activities, they have more freedom to pick and choose what they want to do. Others have a more clearly defined curriculum and resemble a school classroom with specific goals and more organized activities. Each approach has its own merits, but your goals must line up with the daycare you’re choosing. 
  • Safety Standards: the best daycare is very strict and proactive when it comes to safety standards and childproofing. Look for things such as medical supplies being safely stored, power outlets having covers, window blinds being correctly secured (and out of the reach of children), no choking hazards such as small toys, and other common safety features. A safe daycare will do many of the things you likely do in your own home.
  • Good Reviews: when searching for a good daycare one of the first things you’ll likely do is read reviews of local Alexandria daycare providers. A good repetition cannot be bought and if a daycare has several positive reviews from attentive parents that is a good sign. Also, many daycares will provide references if asked because they know that the daycare industry is built on trust. 
  • Staff: there are several considerations you should keep in mind when reviewing a daycare’s staff. One of the first things to look for is education and experience as this is a key part of defining a good daycare. A well-staffed daycare should have senior staff educated in early childhood development. Other certifications to look for include medical-related certifications such as CPR training. In addition to certification, look at how the adults at a daycare interact with and respond to the needs of the children under their care. Finally, also consider factors such as employee turnover and the number of employees versus the number of children. A long-tenured staff with low turnover and no staff shortages are all good signs that a daycare is well run and consistent in the service they provide.

Final Considerations

When you buy any service you are likely to take your time and compare the options. However, with daycare services you’re researching something far more valuable. When it comes to the wellbeing and safety of your children you cannot afford to be anything less than as thorough as possible. By being attentive and asking the right questions you can narrow down your daycare options to the absolute best options available in Alexandria.

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