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A Perfect Gift for the Basketball Star

A Perfect Gift for the basketball star

Everyone has that one person in the family who is into sports, especially basketball. They are the ones that cant wait for it to turn cooler outside because that’s when basketball season comes in. They have all the attire, sweatbands, basketballs, the shorts, the shoes, the goal, but they don’t have this. It is the Smart Shot by Spalding which is the perfect gift for the basketball star.

Smart Shot

The Smart Shot is a high tech electronic device that teaches correct shooting form with the help of sound and light. It develops proper elbow shooting position at a 90 degree angle. The Smart Shot has a neoprene arm band with hook and loop fasteners.


About Spalding

In 1876, Spalding was created/established. A.G. Spalding Brothers sporting goods store was founded by A.G. Spalding who played for the Boston Red Stockings. He was a very good player whom played every game with a baseball made by himself. In 1976, after Spalding was founded, the Spalding baseball was made the “official ball”. Over the next twenty years, Spalding created the baseball glove, football, and finally the basketball. In 1983, the Spalding basketball was named the official ball of the National Basketball Association or the NBA.

Other than many different sporting good items that Spalding carries, their website provides training tools that help develop any player ranging from beginner to pro. They provide videos on different aspects of the sport, from dribbling to shooting.

Why we use Smart Shot

My son is a basketball enthusiast. He is just beginning and it is really important that in order to be good at a sport, you must learn the proper techniques of playing the game first. Smart Shot does just that by teaching him the correct form in shooting the ball. It is the perfect gift for the basketball star.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.