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Pamper Your Body with Kneipp®

    Like all moms, my kids have always come first. However, a few years back I finally learned that I needed to do things for myself. To care for myself not only physically, but mentally as well. Part of how I do that is taking fifteen to twenty a minutes a day, locking myself in my bathroom, and pampering myself with bath and body products. Kneipp® has some fantastic items that do just that. And they do it NATURALLY!

Kneipp® since 1891

    Sebastian Kneipp was a nineteenth century naturopath and priest. Kneipp used natural methods to cure himself of Tuberculosis. After his remission, he made it his life's journey, to naturally heal others as well. He then partnered with a pharmacist, whom shared his beliefs in natural healing, and some of their recipes are still used in Kneipp® products today. 

Red Poppy and Hemp Pure Bliss Bath Salt by Kneipp

    Do you often feel the need to mentally “detox?” If so, then you need to try these bath salts. Your “me time” will be so much more relaxing both mentally and physically. Just draw a nice hot bath, add some of the Red Poppy and Hemp salts, and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes. Red poppy is traditionally known as a mental sedative. Hemp is known to relax too. The two together are amazing! 

Need a “Pick Me Up?” Try Kneipp® Enjoy Life Bath

    Add a cap full of this May Chang and Lemon bath to your water, and soak for fifteen to twenty minutes. The natural essential oils will brighten your mind and spirit. I'm a huge fan of anything with essential oils. We use them daily in our home. My son adores this Enjoy Life bath. He says it “makes me feel more smiley!”  

Try a Body Oil After Your Bath

    A good way to retain the moisture in your skin, and keep your relaxed state going is to follow-up with a body oil. Kneipp® has many different ones to choose from. From Joint and Muscle, to Back Pain, Soft Skin and more. All are lightweight and quickly absorbed into your skin. Leaving you feeling soft and smelling great! 

    To purchase any of the wonderful products above, click on their links, or head to Kneipp® HERE. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.