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Offshoot Books Creating Original, Innovative Books For All Ages!

“The popular Indian publishing company, Offshoot Books, has announced their official entry into the U.S. market. Offshoot Books creates highly original, innovative, and ebullient books for all ages. A winning combination of brilliance and whimsicality, these books aim to help adults and children alike live and cope with worries and anxieties.”

Inside, Out of Sight
Painting The World RED

Offshoot Books“Not all those who wander are lost.”  Well, whoever said that didn't know Fifi and her gang! Because they lose their way as they are becoming world travelers. And as they get lost you get to have fun trying to find them on each page of this fun book. While regular travel may work for everyone else. It is just too dull and boring for Fifi and her gang. So, grab this book and have fun finding them in their wild travels. Just don't get lost in the book with them!

Check-In! Check-out!

Offshoot Books

While we all know that work is not always the most fun place to be. But, with this book, it just might help you remember the good times. While pressure, deadlines, and workload make you stress and race against the daily clock.  It is a little bit of a scrapbook with the funny illustrations through the entire book. You can paste pictures in the illustrations or get creative and draw yourself and friends in the boxes. Just have fun and try to relax!

Coloring ain't for Me

Can you believe that some people would rather shop than color? Well, me either! But this coloring book celebrates the few that would rather shop. Offering a beautiful collection of pictures that any shop-a-holic would love to have. All of your most expensive dreams come to life to in this book. Now you can shop for your dream dress or pair of shoes and color them any color that you want! Instead of shop till you drop – it is color till you drop!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.