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Nothing Like Having A Peaceful Pal To Comfort The Kids

0Thinking back, I loved being a kid for more reasons than I can remember. I felt like nothing could stop me when I was a child. I had so much to do and figure out, and of course, I was pushed to get an education. Even so, being a kid was great, but now it’s time to raise your own. As a parent, you have to make sure your kids understand the many aspects of life.

Now, growing up they are going to go through different stages, some similar to our when we were younger. Sure they are going to have friends and you for support. Although, making sure they are comfortable is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.  There are different ways to handle this, and I think I know a perfect way. This could be just what you need to surprise them with.

Trust The Weighted Pals For Children

There are many companies out there, but SensaCalm has just what you need. They have wonderful toys and accessories that your child could take a liking too. Sometimes the finding of a perfect toy can be a difficult task, until now! Recently they have released their unique line of toys like the weighted stuffed animals better known as “Peaceful Pals.”

Nothing Like Having A Peaceful Pal To Comfort The Kids

Peaceful Pals are just what the kids are looking for in a companion. You are looking at Sheldon the Snuggle Shark and boy is he awesome.

Nothing Like Having A Peaceful Pal To Comfort The Kids

Like the others, he is a weighted stuffed animal (5 lb and 3 lb) that work as stuffed animals and as weighted lap pads. This little buddy right here is approximately 26″ x 10″. Here are some more details about these wonderful Peaceful Pals:

  • Come in Cuddle fabric and Waterproof fabric
  • Don’t look like therapy items
  • Waterproof variant is extra sturdy, easily maintained, and wipe-able
  • Both variants completely machine washable
  • Completely portable pals

It’s not every day the kids feel like they discovered the perfect toy that can go with them everywhere. If this what they want, then why disappoint them! So go ahead and check out all of the information I have for you above. It’s time to comfort the children and make them smile.

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