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North Pole Notes Keep Your Kids on Their Toes

I love subscription boxes. I love getting mail. I even love junk mail. Then I discovered subscription boxes. You can get a subscription box for just about anything now. I have a beauty box and a bark box and now check out the North Pole Letters Subscription. 

You can subscribe so your little ones get a card every so often. You pick the subscription you want. The kids know Santa is always watching. They know he knows when they have been bad or good. So they better behave all year because he will send a card. What kid doesn't love getting mail? My grandkids love mail. They even come postmarked from the North Pole/

From Their Website: 

Choose Your Subscription

“Whether you’re looking for a watchful eye the whole year through, or just a little reminder from time to time, North Pole Notes provides the perfect subscription plan for your family! North Pole Notes offers everything from a 1-month subscriptions to hint that the holidays are around the corner, to a 12-month option that provides manners, tips and etiquette lessons to guide your little one from January to December!”


I think your child or grandchildren would love to get mail from Santa whatever time of year your send it. It would be such a surprise for them and proof that Santa is always watching. Especially the little ones. They look forward to Santa and this is proof he exists. As my Mother always told me, “Santa exists in your heart as long as you believe in him.”  

Depending on your subscription choice, your child will receive a letter in the mail addressed to them, one, three, six or twelve times a year! 

So go sign up for whichever subscription you would like here North pole Notes  

You can also check out their facebook page Northpole Notes Facebook

Or follow them on twitter Northpole Twitter

Or on Instagram North pole Instagram


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.