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Give Your Furry Valentine Minty Fresh Breath and a Coat that Smells Fresh

My furry babies always shower me with snuggles and kisses the minute I walk in the door. I love them so much. Some days they just have bad breath. I give them dental chews and baths frequently but they still sometimes have a doggy smell about them. I have found a solution to that problem.  Plus its an all natural product which I like. It is called All Natural Woof Mints. 

Face it. We all have problems with bad breath from time to time. Your fur babies do too. Try these clear small gel caps and in 7 days you should see a change in your dog's breath. You can enjoy those doggie kisses even more when his breath smells good too.  According to their website this is the process of how they work…

“Woofmints is an all natural dog breath freshener. The gel caps dissolve inside your dog’s stomach, releasing organic peppermint & parsley oils & turning your dog’s bad breath from foul to fresh—all from within! Expect results after approximately 7 days of consecutive use.”

I also tried a new product to make my dog smell better. We bathe all of our babies and take them to the groomer once a month but they still get smelley. When it rains or when the leaves are on the ground and they roll in them. So I tried this new cologne spray called Woof Mints Cologne Spray. It is a minty fresh spray that moisturises and hydrates your pet. Its all natural and ph balanced. Also cruelty free so no harm to animals in making this product. It contains Vitamin E, Chamomile, Rosemary and Aloe Vera. 

Check them out here Woofmints

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.