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No More Odors Will Escape With Smelly Proof!

Ok, I hope what I have to say doesn’t gross you out. About a month ago my family stayed in a hotel. We went swimming in the hotel pool, which was so fun! Then we got back to our hotel room and left our soaked bathing suits out to dry and quickly went to bed because we had to leave early the next morning. Sadly, the suits weren’t dry by the next morning. What was I to do? I ended up just throwing the wet suits in with the rest of our laundry (because, sure enough, I had limited laundry bags). Then I put it in the car and proceeded to forget about it, even after we got home. I remembered 2 days later. Ugh! I had to wash all the laundry a few times to get it back to being “clean” and fresh. Well, no more! Now there are Smelly Proof Bags that can keep your wet bathing suits separated and make packing less stressful (and smelly).

smelly 1

What are Smelly Proof Storage Bags? They are high-quality bags that can keep odors contained  (hence the name “Smelly Proof”). They are resistant to punctures and tears, and they are reusable and have a dual-track, leak-proof zipper seal. So, you can trust these bags to do their job. And, to make them even better, they’re also free of BPA and they are FDA approved.

Smelly Proof: One Bag With So Many Potential Uses

There are tons of uses for Smelly Proof Bags. You can use them to package food and keep the odors in and prevent smelly food from stinking up your fridge. They can also be used to pack your lunch. Or, use them for ice packs and you won’t have to worry about them leaking the freezing cold water all over you. They’re also great for packing clothing and toiletries when going on a trip. There is nothing more frustrating when something leaks in your suitcase and gets all of your limited supply of clothing ruined—not anymore with Smelly Proof!

Smelly 2

Here’s a Smelly Proof Bag filled with water and turned upside down.

Smelly Proof Bags are also very useful for the outdoors as well. Take them on a hike to hold your snacks. They’re also great for taking on camping trips. While camping, it’s so important to keep your food safe from animals. Well, guess what! The company has tested their bags with bears, and the bags were found to be bear resistant! Note, however, that to be resistant to bears there cannot be food or human odors on the outside of the bag because those bears are super smart.

The bags come in 2 styles: regular and heavy duty. They also come in 3 different colors: clear, white, and black. And, there are 6 different sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, and XL. Go here to shop for Smelly Proof Bags.

According to the product package, Industry Outsider Magazine says about Smelly Proof Bags: “One of our top ten ‘must’ have items. There are probably hundreds of uses.” It’s so true that there are so many useful ways to use these bags.  And, they are “made to last” (from package)! So, they’re functional and they’ll save you money!

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