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Making Nature Made®Part Of Our Nightly Routine

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Nature Made®KIDS FIRST®Multivitamin Gummies at Target

My kids are back in school and that means a ROUTINE.  Now summer is fun, and we forget to do things like take our vitamins, but that has all changed.  I make sure my kids are getting all the nutrients they need by giving them  Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies every night! 

Kids don't always eat very healthy when they are not around their parents.  I'm not a sugar or bad food nazi I just won't encourage it if they are with me. So if they are at school, I have no idea what they are eating even though I pack their lunches full of fruit and veggies.  They seem to do a lot of trading of food at school. I've learned in the last couple of years that I won't win the battle of lunch sharing because I'm not there.  

So at night we have a routine:  

  • Put on PJ's
  • Take a KIDS FIRST® gummy
  • Brush Teeth
  • Family Hug/Tuck In
  • Read for 30 minutes

When I saw Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies at Target I knew these would be perfect.  No more chalky vitamins for my kids.  They love how the gummies taste, so I don't have to fight them to take them.  As a mom, that is a win in my book.  I appreciate that Target and Nature Made® think about the kids and PARENTS.  

Having a routine is important in a family.  Kids know what to expect, and there are no arguments about what is suppose to happen.  My kids work best when we have a routine because during the summer we were so chaotic it was crazy.  We all felt off like we didn't get enough sleep or ate healthily- a lot of ice cream happening. Now that school is in, and we are doing a routine our moods are upbeat. 

My daughter eats healthy, so she takes the Vitamin C gummy only. My son well he is my junk food Prince, and I can't rely on him to get all his nutrients during the day, so he takes the MulitiVitamin.  Being their mom is such a privileged, I'm so blessed to have some great kids.  I need to protect them any way I can and if that means making sure they take their VITAMINS then that is what I will do! By the way, the kids think the KIDS FIRST® vitamins taste like candy.  To me, they taste like fruit snacks. 

Reasons Why We Love Nature Made® KIDS FIRST® Multivitamin Gummies

  • Contains 12 essential nutrients for age-specific nutritional support, including vitamins A, C, D and E, B vitamins, and minerals like iodine and zinc
  • All natural fruit flavors
  • Colors derived from natural sources – No synthetic dyes
  • No preservatives or yeast
  • Gluten free


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Monday 19th of September 2016

my daughter would love this! i heard a lot of good things about nature made will check them out next time im at the pharmacy

Lisa Rios

Sunday 18th of September 2016

Honestly, I am hearing about Nature Made for the first time, but I am in love with those products that could be so essential for our kids health. This is such a wonderful idea to get my kids in to taking their vitamins every day!

Ryan Escat

Saturday 17th of September 2016

We have chewable vitamins for adults and for our son too. I want to try this brand, looks so interesting.

Nicole Etolen

Saturday 17th of September 2016

I love this brand, my son loves it too! I like it that you have a routine every day, nice to hear about it.

Nicole Escat

Saturday 17th of September 2016

I haven't tried that vitamins but sounds like a nice brand. I will check it on target now.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.