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All Natural Hot Cocoa

Cocoa Santé – All Natural Hot Cocoa


Baby, it’s cold outside!  When I come in from a freezing day, I want my hot cocoa.  Cocoa Santé offers 5 unique flavors.  Azteca, Nor’Easter, Kashmir Spice, Mocha, and my favorite, Parisien.  Parisien has a blend of dark chocolate flakes with vanilla and cocoa.  You can buy them in family sized tins or individual serving pouches.  You can use milk or water, depending on how you want your cocoa to be.  For example, I used milk to make it more creamy.  After adding milk, you simply whisk it and it is ready to drink.  I was so impressed by the flavor and creaminess.  The chocolate flakes tasted amazing while blending with the vanilla.  I was in heaven.

Hot Cocoa Makes A Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Imagine giving Cocoa Santé as a gift to a coworker, or a teacher.  You could go one step further and set up a hot cocoa bar at work.  Everyone would love you for sure!  Remember as kids handing out Valentine’s to our friends?  Well, let’s go back to those days, but hand out something they will love.  Giving a gift feels good, but there are more reasons to love Cocoa Santé.


A Great Company

  • They support women-owned businesses
  • AIDS educational projects and infrastructure
  • They support local non-profits
  • Works with local farms

Cocoa Santé was created by Jen Keegan, a mother of four in 2012.  She wanted to make great cocoa with quality ingredients.  In 2017, Harbor Sweets acquired the company.  The quality of the cocoa has never changed.  So as you can see, not only does Cocoa Santé make great hot cocoa, they are also a very responsible, giving company.

They only use organic cocoa powder from the Dominican Republic and South America.  The sugar they use is organic “green cut” sugar from farmers in South America, which helps provide schooling and childcare for local families.  The milk is rBST-free, from a farm in Vermont that helps other local farmers and families.


Where You Can Get Your Own

Cocoa Santé is available online by clicking on the link.  It is also at Whole Foods Markets, REI, and local specialty food shops.  It is for sale in 43 states and in 285 stores.

Here is a list of their pricing:

  • 2oz. pouch      $ 1.95
  • 10oz. tin          $ 9.99
  • 6 pouch box   $10.99


Please go buy your own!  Reward yourself, or give it as a gift to a loved one.


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