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National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are so many reasons a person might need handicap accessible transportation and finding the qualified right dealer could take some time. My nephew is a wounded Veteran, and it took him time to find the right dealer to help make his van accessible for him. Just because he was wounded didn’t mean it would be the end of the world for him. He still wanted to drive, swim and more, just because he has one leg, didn’t stop him! He still does everything he loves and now, so much more, thanks to his handicap accessible transportation! Freedom and mobility are daily pleasures that are taken granted, but if you or someone you know suffers a physical disability you know the struggle of no longer having the luxury of independent mobility. Wheelchair accessible vehicles and mobility equipment allow those with disabilities to take back their independence. The NMEDA difference starts with their Quality Assurance Program (QAP). The program guarantees you a personal Accredited Dealer, so no matter your mobility challenge, you are receiving the expert attention you deserve. NMEDA mobility equipment dealers offer wheelchair ramps, hand controls and steering aids, transfer seats and seating solutions, wheelchair securement and tie downs, scooter lifts and special acceleration and braking solutions for adaptive vehicles. National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association works to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. NMEDA and their members provide the best and most beneficial solutions for increased mobility. Simply put, they are the best source for wheelchair user accessible vehicles and mobility equipment. Everyone has their special needs; that is why if you work with an NMEDA QAP dealer you will have an in-person evaluation, and they will assess what your needs might be. You will also get specialized training of equipment, and that is so important, this way you know how everything works. You will also have 24-hour local emergency roadside services and so much more! These are important things to have, making you’re you are safe with your new handicap accessible transportation. National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association Imagine the comfort of knowing that your mobility challenged loved one had this type of support and reliable safety. The network of QAP dealers will help get you or a loved one on the road to independence. Each wheelchair accessible vehicle is customized to the way you need it, and your safety is top priority! That is all we really want for ourselves or our loved ones. To be able to move around and live life like we want to!

Check out an NMEDA dealer near you today for the ultimate safety and reliability offered in the vehicle modification industry.

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