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This Valentine’s Day Give A Gift That Gives Back From Nair & Bjorn

Nair & Bjorn

Nair & Bjorn not only make some of the most amazing jewelry that I have ever seen. They donate 20% of EVERY purchase to animal charities and NO-KILL shelters! How truly amazing and special is that? ” Helping rescue animals one accessory at a time!”

While they make jewelry that you can wear daily. They also have GlamWear, so you can sparkle throughout the night! While they RescueWear give you the perfect Valentine's gift for the animal lover on your list. And they promote love, rescue and adoption. 


Nair & Bjorn

If you have someone on your Valentine's list that fights for animal rights, THIS is the ring for them. Because it is made of polished aluminum and hand stamped with “Be The Change”. Now each and every piece that you order from Nair & Bjorn is handcrafted, so they are all unique. Hammered out to give it a beautifully textured look. 14 gauge polished aluminum band that measures 1/2″ wide and is adjustable. That keeps you from asking their ring size and giving away your surprise. With each purchase of this ring 20% will be donated solely to Angel Paws Rescue.

While using a heating process that makes the color of the lettering more permanent. While still being waterproof. But, they still recommend to remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or bathing. Just a little extra precaution to preserve the color of the lettering.

Who's Wearing N&B?

From the RescueWear line to the GlamWear line. N&B has been spotted on celebrities, tv shows, fashion consultants, models AND rescue and adoption advocates! Head on over and let us know which piece you like the best. Do you like their everydaywear, GlamWear or RescueWear line the best?  I have so many favorites that I can't pick just one. Be The Change! And give a Valentine's gift that will give back. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.