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Must Have Vehicle Accesories

Most Popular Vehicle Options and Accessories

Of the numerous vehicle options and accessories in the market, some are proving to be clear winners in terms of popularity. The best-selling feature is very unsurprisingly leather interior. Given that it immediately lends a posh, stylised look to your vehicle, this has remained super popular over a long enough timespan.Remote start technology, theft recovery systems, collision avoidance features and headrest video systems are some other great features. Cellphone USB chargers in the car are of course now a common deal.

A newbie in this segment is the convenience/entertainment features and luxury upgrades. Navigation systems and satellite radio are in vogue. As are sunroofs! Clearly serving comfort and keeping connected are the key drivers of this market segment. And coming into this section is the Park Assist especially for new parents and new drivers.

To help you with making a decision regarding picking out a vehicle option and accessory, here is a list of 10 new stuff in the market that may be useful to you.

1. All weather floor mats. These mats are perfect if you live in a place with rain/snow/ dust or even all three. Literally all weather, they are a great investment to protect your car carpeting.

2. Dashboard grip mat. This is a recommendation because of its sheer utility. A simple solution to stop those irksome movement of things on your dashboard, it is a must have.

3. Cell phone holder. We would list this is as an essential given that our smartphones today double up as navigation devices too.

4. Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Instantly turn your car into a space for hands-free calling and great music. No headset required if you put this in place.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.