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Mermaid Tails Get Into Halloween Spirit

October is the month of ghouls, ghosts, creepy crawlers, and much more. It’s the time of year that both kids and parents look forward to all year long. With Halloween approaching us soon, it’s time to kick it into overdrive in the preparation department. Don’t worry there is still some time to get what you need. The question is, “what else could you possibly get?”

There are tons of items that are out there fit for the Halloween season. Thinking outside the box can be beneficial if you know where to look. Both parents and kids love Halloween, so why not think about something that will appeal to both. I happen to have just the idea of what you should consider. So go ahead and check out all of the information I have for you below.

Mermaids For The Win

For mermaids looking to express their Halloween spirit, Fin Fun has quite the treat for you. People love the tales they hear about mermaids. So, why not give yourself or your child the chance to be one of their own. It’s time to gear up for Halloween with the Steampunk-Inspired Iron Mermaiden Mermaid Tail!

Mermaid Tails Get Into Halloween Spirit

The Iron Mermaiden Mermaid Tail is a unique metal-minded Limited Edition tail! It’s designed with “leather” scale accent panels. This swimmable item transforms your legs into a mechanized tail. Here are some extra details of the Iron Mermaiden Mermaid Tail:

  • New Reinforced Tail Tip Technology
  • 100% Swimmable
  • Unique Steampunk Design
  • Machine Washable

With this Halloween addition, things may get a bit interesting. Now, if you want to make your mermaid swimming experience even better, you can grab the Monofin!

Mermaid Tails Get Into Halloween Spirit

With the Monofin, you’ll take your mermaid look to the next level. You can easily slip it underneath your swimmable mermaid tail! Its cover is constructed of dive-grade neoprene. The Monofin’s design creates a realistic mermaid tail shape while providing maximum safety and comfort. Some other vital details include:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • No Straps!
  • No Ankle-Bulge!

Together, these two items can give you an experience like never before. With that being said, check out all the info I have for you above.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.