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Mature Readers Will Love “Coming of Age in Berkeley”

“Coming of Age in Berkeley” – A Story For Mature Readers About Romance and Much More

Romance is something most of us are or have looked for in our lives.  Some have been lucky and others, not so much.  When you fall in love with someone, sometimes an age difference can be a hindrance, especially if you're young.  In “Coming of Age in Berkeley” by Jake Warner, the story is about this exact situation.  However, when you're in love, age is only a number.  It is a very mature read for sure, but boy is it interesting.

Meet Tamiko Gashkin, a young, mature 15-year old young lady who is taking some college classes at the Cal Berkeley Campus.  She has had quite a life, however, even through the tough times, she strives to better herself.  Because of what she has been through, she is a very mature, bright girl.  Maturity may be part of what interests Alec in her, but her looks pull him in the rest of the way, I'm sure.  Alec Burns is a 22-year old college student who decides he wants to continue trying to date Tamiko, even after learning her age.  Let's just say that Tamiko's mother (Amy) isn't too happy about this whole situation.

"Coming of Age in Berkeley" - More Than Just Romance

After reading that, you may think the whole story is nothing but a romance, but trust me, you will be surprised to find out it is not!  I won't spoil anything for you, but Alec proves himself after Amy's past comes back to haunt her.  I have certainly been there before, but not as far as this goes.  A past boyfriend named Max decides to be quite obsessive with her and has some other issues as well.  Psychopath comes to mind when I think of him if that tells you anything.

So, yes, the innocence of a young high school student is sweet.  She hasn't even been kissed before, but Alec is about to change that.  I loved this story and I was intrigued by every single character.  I couldn't wait to turn the page to see what happened next.  It is a mature story for sure so please don't let any young ones read this.  For my adult mind, it was great!

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a mysterious, surprising story while combining a little love too.

What a great gift for any book nerd!  You can find it at Amazon or simply click on the links I've provided.

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"Coming of Age in Berkeley" - More Than Just Romance

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