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Make Creativity and Art a Priority This Summer

    With summer vacation right around the corner, we're going to need to find ways to keep our kids occupied this summer. Hot summer weather also means more thunderstorms, so we need fun things to do on rainy days, or if the power goes out. But did you know that creativity is actually important?

Make Creativity and Art a Priority This Summer

    Creativity is a fantastic way to help your child(ren) develop emotionally, socially, and mentally. If you have a child like mine that often has a hard time expressing himself verbally, art is a great way to get them to open up and understand some of their difficult feelings.

    Using different mediums such as paint brushes, pencils, pastel chalk, and more, your child is also working on developing or mastering their fine motor skills. Maybe most important of all is that when a child is creating, and being free, they're happy. 

The Quarto Group Knows Kids Need to be Creative

    The Quarto Group wants to help you foster creativity in your children, and even their friends. To do so, they have some wonderful books that you and your kids will love. We just received three of them the other day and my son has already been poring over them, and working in one of them.

Mom and Me An Art Journal to Share

    This may be one of my favorite books I've gotten to date. This book is chock full of drawing prompts for you and your child to create, color, and learn about one another. You and your child can draw your fears, how you perceive yourself, dreams, and so much more!

creativity 1

    Illustrator Bethany Robertson teamed up with licensed art therapist Lucy Mucklow to create this absolutely amazing journal. I love it and so does my son. He especially likes that he can take in to his behavioral therapist and share with her what he can't put into words, but he can draw.

Stick it to ‘Em Playful Stickers to Color and Create

    This book is full of fun! There are loads of sassy stickers that you can color and then use. It has a nice guide of different art tools to use, as well as drawing, coloring, and lettering techniques. Perfect for those that enjoy journaling, or even to use on your older kids school book covers when school goes back into session.

creativity 2

Looking to brush up on your hand lettering skills?

    So many people are journaling now. I personally have a music journal where I create a month of prompts and then journal them through songs. I'm always looking for different ways to do my hand lettering so Hand Lettering A to Z is perfect for me. 

creativity 3

More about the Quarto Group and Quarto Knows Publishing

    To learn more about Quarto, simply head to their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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