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Made for Me – A Heartwarming Story

As soon as parents find out that they are having a child, there are so many emotions that they experience. Happiness, joy, gladness, love, and sometimes shock. Nevertheless, you are adding to your family. You get to share your life experiences with a new person. You get to teach them how to do things. Most importantly you love them and show them how to love others. In the book, Made for Me, we get to see heartwarming moments between a father and his son.

Made for Me - A Heartwarming Story


Made for Me is written by Zack Bush and illustrated by Gregorio De Lauretis. The story is about when a father holds his child for the first time, something magical happens. In that moment a bond is formed, and even the toughest of men become wrapped around those tiny fingers. Made for Me highlights the tender moments between father and child. Through thoughtful rhyme and touching illustrations, Made for Me shows that with every step or new word, the love between a father and his baby is forever.


This book is well written. As you read the colorful pages, you feel the emotions that the dad is feeling. It takes you back to the times when you had your child or children. You remember all of your child’s first moments, tickling them, kissing them, smelling them, and laughing with them. It is such a touching story. The illustrations perfectly match the words in the book with the great big dad and the small little boy learning and growing together. Rhyming words are on each page and flows well with the book.

If you are looking for a great book to read to your child, I highly recommend this book. To me, it reminds me to always be thankful for my little ones. People always say that time goes by so fast and to cherish each and every moment that you have with your child. I can honestly say that it does go by fast, faster than I could ever imagine.

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