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Light Where You Need It, When You Need It with OxyLED

    I know I’m not the only one that complains about not having enough light in some areas of the house, or even NO light in others. So what do we do? Well, we could pay an electrician to run wire for lights, or we can get a light that goes anywhere you need it.

Light Where You Need It, When You Need It OxyLED Swivel Light

    I’ve talked to you all about OxyLED before. I have their Oxy Sense Rechargeable Light in my kitchen and I love it. Recently I got their Oxy Sense Touch Sensing Swivel Light. There’s no switch, just two little sensors that you tap to turn it on. Maybe the best part is that there are no wires, and you stick it literally anywhere!

OxyLED swivel light DIY

    It includes to 3M adhesive pads that are sticky enough to hold it just about anywhere. It takes three triple A batteries, and is very bright. For a little light, it packs a punch! The light also swivels so you can direct the light where you need it most.

Perfect for Closets, Cupboards, or Anywhere You Need a Bit More Light

    So I stuck my swivel light in my closet. I have a smallish walk in closet but there’s no light. I’m constantly complaining about it because I can never find any of my craft items when I need them. I can’t see well in the dark, so I have a very hard time. It took me just a minute to install my light, and voila! I can finally find what I need!

   This light would make a perfect night-light too. Having one in the bathroom would be helpful for kids. I actually got another one to use over our aquarium. It lights it up perfectly. We love it, as do our fish. Our mama guppy recently gave birth, so we can actually spot the eight fry (babies) thanks to our OxyLED Swivel Light. 

light diy

Where to buy

     To get your OxyLED OxySense Swivel Light, simply click HERE. It even comes in different colors too! You can follow OxyLED on Facebook and Twitter to see all of their updates.

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