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Let’s Make Slime and Holiday Paper Crafts!

The holidays are coming, and that means I'm on the look out for awesome kids books. I recently found two titles I know you and your children are going to love. Are you ready? Let's make slime and holiday paper crafts! It's fun and will be time well spent with your family.

Let's Make Slime and Holiday Paper Crafts

Not only am I always on the lookout for great kid's books, but I'm also always looking for fun and easy crafts to do with my son. I home school him, and there really aren't crafts or projects in the cyber school art curriculum, so I like to add my own. I just got two enjoyable titles from Quarto Knows that have already proved to be a blast!

Let's Make Slime Ultimate Slime Book

Making the Ultimate Slime Has Never Been Easier

The first book I want to tell you about is Ultimate Slime by Alyssa Jagan. Kids these days are all about making the perfect slime, and they're going to love finding this book wrapped up for the holidays. It's full of slime recipes, and add in ideas. From beginner to expert, there's something for everyone.

Let's Make Slime book

Making Basic Slime while munching on marshmallows

As a special needs parent, I was very happy to find the recipe for Edible Slime. My son had PICA when he was younger, and now older, he doesn't have it as badly as he used to, but he still puts tons of stuff in his mouth. So though this slime isn't exactly made to be eaten, it's made with food ingredients, so should they put it in their mouth, it's not going to hurt them. This is perfect for kids with PICA, special needs, or younger children.

Let's Make Edible Slime

Our Edible Slime. We even scented it with Orange Essential oil.

Holiday Paper Crafts for the Entire Family

The second book I want to tell you about is Christmas Paper Play by Lydia Cook. It's chock full of DIY paper Christmas crafts. You can make decorations, photo props, and more. All you need are some scissors, some colored pencils, and a bit of glue. This would make a great Christmas vacation gift to keep the kids occupied when school lets out for the holiday! Get yours here.

Let's Make Christmas Paper Play

For these and other fantastic titles, head to Quarto Knows. Follow them via Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat too!

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