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LEGO Sets For National Coast Guard Day

There are a lot of days that are going to appeal to you and other audiences. For the most part, there will always be a bit of something out there for everyone. Whether you are a kid or not doesn't matter, all that matter is that you have as much fun as possible. On top of that, every year there are specific days that celebrate. Each of these days has a different meaning than others.

Now if you think about it there are 365 days in a year, so of course, there will be plenty to celebrate. Each and every day will bring something special. At the same time, there will always be something that can be done to represent the cause. In fact, There is one day in particular that will be arriving soon, and I have just what you need. So go ahead and check out all of the information I have for you below.

Nothing Like LEGOS To Save The Day

With National Coast Guard Day coming up this Friday, August 4th, The LEGO Group has announced an entirely new lineup of Coast Guard inspired sets to help celebrate the 227th birthday of the beloved military branch (started by “Founding Father” and now Broadway favorite Alexander Hamilton). So without further notice, check out the five following sets:

  • Coast Guard Starter Set – the crew of the LEGO® City coast guard as they protect the beach. It features a beach buggy with opening roll cage, detachable 2-Minifigure surfboard on top and space for 2 minifigures and much more (76 pieces; Ages 5+)

  • Sea Plane Rescue – be part of the brave crew of the LEGO® City coast guard in the Sea Rescue Plane. This set includes a rescue plane with spinning rotors, pontoons, opening minifigure cockpit, a back ramp that lowers with space inside the plane for the included 2-Minifigure rescue water scooter (141 pieces; Ages 5+)

  • 4×4 Response Unit – you can join the rough and ready crew of the LEGO® City coast guard and their incredible response unit! It features a 4×4 truck with opening Minifigure cab, opening rear compartment with space for tools and gear, and a detachable trailer (347 pieces; Ages 5+)

  • Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter – become a part of the fearless LEGO® City coast guard crew on their special helicopter. It features plenty of accessories and includes a lighthouse, shipwreck and a kayak with paddle, plus 4 minifigures and a shark figure (415 pieces; Ages 6+)

  • Coast Guard Headquarters – strap on your life vest as part of the LEGO® City crew at the Coast Guard Headquarters with 2 levels, office rooms, and a moving radar dish. It even features 7 minifigures, plus shark and octopus figures (792 pieces; Ages 6+)

With these incredible selections, your kids will be able to celebrate National Coast Guard Day the right way. So check out all the information I have for you above.

I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.