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Learn and Explore Our World Wherever You Roam

We are explorers. My son and I have hearts full of Wanderlust. I can't tell you how many times we've gone somewhere and thought, “I want a closer look!” Now you and your kids and learn and explore our world wherever you roam.

Learn and Explore Our World Wherever You Roam

Curiousity doesn't have a specific time and place. It happens on a whim, no matter where you are. My son and I are inquisitive people by nature. We love to explore and look further into the world around us. There have been so many times that we wanted a closer look, but didn't have the means. Until Foldscope. This handy product is a microscope that goes where you do!

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It's Foldable

Foldscope is an Origami style microscope that fits in a pocket or purse, and travels with you. Now you and your children can get a closer look and take learning on the road. This sucker magnifies up to 140 times, so you can really get a great look at nature, and the world around you!

Since it's foldable, it would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for kids, teens, and even adults. (I would love on in my stocking, and I know my sister would too!)

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Embark on an Adventure

Grab a Foldscope and head out on an adventure. Get up close and personal with snowflakes! Have you ever really looked at one? They are truly a work of art by mother nature!

We love to go to the creek near our house. There's so much to see and do! We catch minnows, fish, and crayfish. We search the banks for washed up creek glass, and look at all the fauna around us. With Foldscope, we'll be able to get closer looks at everything we find. The wild ducks leave feathers everywhere and my son always says he wants to “see them better,” and now he can.

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He can even use it to explore our aquarium. The snails are always having babies. Now he can look at their eggs, and the teeny tiny snails right through the aquarium and Foldscope!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.