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Last Longer (And Harder): How To Prolong Erection During Sex

If you’re looking to maintain sexual activity in bed all night, you’re not alone. Learn how to prolong an erection here.

Last Longer (And Harder): How To Prolong Erection During Sex

Do you want to know how to increase sexual stamina by having firmer, better erections during sex?

Like most men reading this article, you are having some issues in maintaining an erection. Recognize that you are not alone!

Erectile dysfunction or issues are quite common. Yes, it is embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be. You can take charge and change your health to accommodate these issues. 

Making you somebody who truly knows how to prolong an erection. Keep reading as we cover the most practical methods for improving your erection quality and satisfying your partner.

How To Prolong an Erection?

Sometimes it’s better to target a problem from every angle. You can consider one of these tips and see tremendous improvement or you can try them all in conjunction and reap all of the benefits.

Food Has Direct Effect On Your Erection Quality

We’ve heard many a time – you are what you eat. Hence, the fact that good nutrition leads to good erections. 

Carbs are a necessary addition to your diet, as they are potent in providing energy during sexual intercourse. Bread, pasta, and rice are great sources of carbs.

However, overeating carbs can actually worsen the issue itself. You also require reasonable dosages of minerals, such as zinc – as they play a big role in producing testosterone and semen fluidity.

Foods like peas and beans, animal liver and seafood contain high amounts of zinc. Here’s a great list of foods for harder erections.

Also, it is recommended to avoid high-fat diets, as they usually lower natural productions of testosterone, reducing your libido. Causing poor circulation – leading to erection problems. 

Be Confident By Getting Stuff Done

Not many people will think that their penis responds to how confident they feel in life. If your sexual energy is dwindling, then your drive in life might be as well.

To get harder, you have to be harder. Develop your mental acuity and push through resistance in life. Work out, concentrate, educate yourself. Tackle simple chores with full dedication. 

Face the tough conversations in life. Face your demons. The more you do this – the more you invigorate the feedback loop, which in turn changes your physiology. 

Accomplishing tasks and doing risky activities improves your dopamine pathworking, which is crucial to arousal and the influx of a hard erection.

Your confidence pushes through the boundaries of life, altering the mindset of others and yourself. By being confident – you spike your sexual energy levels, making you more dominant in bed and imploding your erection quality.

Pubococcygeus Muscle Exercises

Pelvic floor muscles, a.k.a pubococcygeus muscles are responsible for flow and stoppage of urine. However, they are also responsible for holding your erection in place by pumping blood into your vessel.

Most people are very disconnected from their bodies. Not to mention their penis. 

To enhance the strength and unity of your PC muscles, you can perform Kegel exercises, which is the process of pulsation between your scrotum and rectum.

For a more in-depth guide, check out this article. Try to increase the pulse quantity or hold for longer. Challenging the current levels of strength. 

Also, Kegel exercise during sex can help you delay ejaculation and control your levels of arousal. Making you a deviant who knows how to control his body. 

When you feel that you are about to reach orgasm, back off – give your PC muscles a solid squeeze. Take a moment, and return to action. 

Breath Is Everything

Breathing extends to every part of life. Starting from energy levels and ability to think – all the way to erection quality and ability to withstand arousal induction.

If you need to speed up your ejaculation, just tense up your entire body and hold your breath. However, if you want to slow it down – relax your body and breathe deeply into your diaphragm, expanding through your stomach.

Shallow breath is a side-effect of being too far in your head. It’s lacking presence and respect. Break these habits, slow down and become mindful of your sexuality.

Check-in with your body, take deep breaths, relax your muscles and focus your attention on the sensation of your body. Or better yet, get in tune with the breathing of your partner.

Make it an act of unison.

Take Care Of Your Body

Working out, especially in the form of cardiovascular exercise – helps improve blood flow and strengthens muscles that hold your penis in place. Strengthening your abs will support your erections. Not to mention that a large stomach makes your penis look small in perspective. 

Taking care of your body makes you realize the potential of our physique, making you more confident in life and in bed.

Supplement Your Erections

The question of how to prolong your erection comes with many solutions. Not many people realize that supplementation can improve your erection by values previously unimaginable. 

You can supplement various natural products, such as Yohimbe, maca root or horny goat weed.

All of which have an effect on blood flow and libido. However, there are some better overall solutions, which are made specifically to prolong erections. 

Alpha Male Plus is a male ED supplement that improves sexual performance as well as a proven natural solution for erectile dysfunction. 

AMP contains a precise combination of Vitamins & Herbal ingredients which naturally improve & promote micro-circulation of the cavernous muscles (penis) & prostate.

AMP helps to improve performance & helps to prevent & slow erectile dysfunction. And has also been shown to help decrease prostate growth.

Prolong Your Erection Now

Now that we have covered the most practical methods for how to prolong an erection, hopefully you have found a solution that works for you.

With the methods and practices outlined in this article, you are well on your way to acquiring a new degree of sexual stamina, supporting your erection in bed.  Prolonged erections will make you a stallion of a man ready to conquer his life in and outside of the realm of sexual intercourse. Do you want more great, informative content like this? If so, check out the rest of our website for more articles like this.

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