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Know All About Kilim Handbags And Buy One For You

The origin of Kilim lies in the Anatolia region of Turkey.

Sired between the Mediterranean and Black seas, Anatolia is sometimes considered to be the best crossroads between old civilizations.

Speaking about age old items, kilim is a pile-less tapestry rug in beautiful and elegant geometric designs in vivid, rich and vibrant colors, conventionally made in regions of Middle East and other neighboring areas.

Till now, Turkish kilim is the most used and best method to weave kilim and this is why it is used to make the best kilim bags.

Yes, Turkish kilim bags enjoy fame all over the world.

They are one of the best Turkish items and enjoy a rich cultural background. The bags are pure grace and luxury and literally an example of vibrancy.

Know All About Kilim Handbags And Buy One For You

Everyone should own a kilim bag in their collection, for sure!

Details of kilim handbags

Kilim handbags are crafted from woven kilim with an inner lining along with zipper. As every kilim bag is unique, you will never find two geometric patterns alike.

These handbags exude a sense of originality and would make you stand out of the crowd.

If you buy the original Turkish Kilim bag, they will be handmade and feature flat tapestry woven textiles.

The design used in kilim are inspired with its place of origin which is indigenous tribes of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and others.

Kilim handbags are a stylish accessory piece which has been in fashion major nations of Europe and America.

They are vibrant, colorful and lavish bags which lends a bright and phenomenal touch to the donner. The user can effortlessly flaunt their kilim bags on any occasion.

Be it a party or a casual friendly gathering, you can carry the bag anywhere.

It is genuinely a matter of pride to own a kilim which has been designed in such a far off land.

Every kilim product be it a boot or handbag is designed with utmost care and diligence, making it a terrific piece of artwork.

A handbag designed from kilim enjoys great repute in the market and is available in endless repetitions of bright colors and vivid designs.

All kilim bags are made from genuine kilim designs which reflect the origin and culture of the countries of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

The brilliantly colored, sharp edged geometrical patterns, designs and tribal motifs of old civilizations are noticeable in the kilim from which the handbags are crafted.

Know All About Kilim Handbags And Buy One For You

Every kilim product features the aesthetic sense of indigenous tribes which have spent years in developing it to the highest degree.

The amazing feel and antique touch of the bags make them a must for everyone.

They are no less than a collector’s item. So, you should definitely own one and gift one to your dear ones. Every bag exhibits its unique design, pattern and color composition.

If you are looking forward to buy an authentic kilim handbag for you, then Little Istanbul is your one-stop solution. The store is a hub for all kilim products.

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