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Know All about Amazon Gift Cards

Know All about Amazon Gift Cards

They say “those days are gone.” It is quite an appropriate quote, to be honest. So, many things have changed, the world has changed, and our way of doing things has also changed. We have witnessed a revolution in every aspect of our life, be it smartphones or home appliances or even gifts. Gifts have always been an inseparable part of any occasion. But, these days we do not always get the chance of meeting someone in person and that is why the way of giving gifts has also changed. Talking about the all-new Amazon gift cards the first thing that will strike in your mind is the ability to customize it. There are many other companies available in the market who are also providing online gift cards, but Amazon is a step ahead. And, gift card customization is a nice little feature to have. We have to agree that, gift cards are not as personal as a real gift, and that is why it seems so nice to know the fact, that you can customize the Amazon gift card and make it a bit more personal. You can also send a personalized e-card, in which you can add a nice picture, soulful songs, and even messages. This can surely be a nice option to have when you want the person to know what you actually feel about them and how much you care about them.

Various Amazon Gift Card Delivery Options:

This is one of the best things about these gift cards. Amazon gift cards offer you a lot of choices when it comes to delivering these cards. You can easily choose one of these options to send the card:

Mail A Gift Card:

Know All about Amazon Gift Cards

You can buy a gift card from the Amazon website, and have it mailed to your family members and friends. This whole process can take up to seven days, and you will get a free shipping. The only disadvantage of having a gift card mailed is that these gift cards cannot be customized, as per your choice. They just have a single design and you have to choose that because no other option is available. This can be a really good gift to some people while making no difference to others. These gift cards will definitely cost you a good sum of money, and if you are wondering how to get free amazon gift cards then you need to do some research online.

Email A Gift Card:

There is also an option for mailing a gift card.

If you do not want to wait for the long shipping period, then you can easily get the gift card emailed to whomever you want to. This method of sending gift cards are really convenient and it will make the whole process less complicated. Anyone can send a mail, and that is why anyone can go with this email a gift card option. Just select a gift card for your loved one or for a friend, and mail it to them.

Print A Gift Card:

This is just the reverse process of mailing a gift card. If you want to give the gift card yourself, but you do not have enough time for it to be delivered, you can simply print it. Select the card online, and print it out to deliver it yourself. If you go with this process, then you do not need to wait for the shipping period.

The Amazon Gift Card Denominations:

It is very true that Amazon is quite flexible with its gift card denominations. You can choose an Amazon gift card with any value between five dollars and five thousand dollars. And, also keep it in your mind that, only gift cards that are pre-denominated are the physical gift cards, which need to be shipped in three to five business days. Else, even the physical gift cards that are mailed to you directly, do not have a predetermined denomination, and you can easily select the value of your gift card. So, you get a lot of option in choosing the gift card, and also while choosing the value of your gift card.

Customizing Amazon Gift Cards

Know All about Amazon Gift Cards

This is a really exciting feature that Amazon offers. Amazon has a lot of amazing pictures categorized for occasions that you can use in your gift cards. As we know, different pictures portray different emotions, and that is why it is really very important to select the appropriate picture. You need to choose the picture you like the most, from the long list of pictures available and you are done. By going with this method, you can give a personal touch to your gift card.

There is another option available in the Amazon gift card categories, which is the Kindle gift card. But, the Kindle gift card is not that exciting like other gift cards, as all it has is a picture of the Kindle on it. So, there are many people who do not like it that much or find it useful. But, if you want to gift someone a Kindle, then you can surely go with this option, instead of the conventional gift cards.

Know How To Use The Amazon Gift Card:

Know All about Amazon Gift Cards

There are two different ways by which you can use your gift card. If you have got a gift card, but you are not too sure what to buy, then simply login to your account and click on the option ‘Your Account’ on the top right corner. And on the next page try to find the Payment Section and click on the option of applying a gift certificate or card to your account. Then on the very next page, you need to enter your card number and other details and then select the ‘Redeem Now’ option. The second way is to enter the promotional code available on the gift card when you are placing an order through the shopping cart. In this process, the amount will be deducted from your gift card.

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