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Kids Will Love This Pop-Up Book

Disney Has A New, Beautiful Pop-Up Book Based On The Nutcracker

My granddaughter takes ballet classes, so anytime there is a story about a ballerina, she loves it!  This beautiful Disney story is all about a ballerina and the pageant she is in.  However, it’s not just an everyday book.  This is a pop-up book and they made it durable and gorgeous!  It’s Disney The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: A Center Stage Pop-Up Book (link to Amazon) and trust me, it’s worth getting.  The front cover is sparkly and vibrant.  It is certainly an attention-getter.  Any child interested in dancing will love this book.

Recently, Disney released the major motion picture of the same name, so this book is being released at the same time.  Obviously, the film is about the whole, entire story.  However, the book is more about the pageant that the beautiful ballerina dances in.  Every turn of the page shows a different scene based around her.  It’s actually showing the four different realms.  The pop-up book is a hardcover and the pages will not tear easily, which is really nice.  It’s like a thick, shiny cardstock and, as I said, it’s so pretty.

Kids Will Love This Pop-Up Book

Christmas is just around the corner and this book could make someone very happy.  This is certainly a story that can be read over and over again.  It would make a great bedtime ritual for any child.  Boys and girls alike will love hearing about this ballerina.  Imagine the confidence it takes to stand on stage and dance in front of others!  This is something important to teach our children, for sure.  Along with confidence comes independence!  We all want that for our kids, right?

Disney always seems to deliver when it comes to their films and books and we have plenty of each!  My favorite things when reading Disney books are the values and morals they teach.  No matter what they make, they always stand by a certain kid-friendly code.  It’s nice to know a huge company such as Disney still has our children’s best interest in mind.  I never have to worry about any “adult” surprises coming up while reading to my granddaughter.

If you’re looking for a nice, beautiful book (with a pop-up surprise), look no further.

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Kids Will Love This Pop-Up Book

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