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Kids Are Superheroes, So Let’s Teach Them Why with Super Pakks

To parents in search of last-minute stocking stuffers, I have a great, self-empowering idea for your children. If you love (or would like to begin) the morning note and lunch note ritual, have a look at Super Pakks. These are sticky notes for kids that inspire positive self-talk which is proven to be an incredible tool. Aid in replacing self-defeating thoughts with powerful beliefs that improve your child’s self-image, self-confidence, self-reliance, self-love and so much more.

Super Pakks is based on exciting neuroscience research and created with a mission to teach kids in fun, easy ways how to believe in themselves. If kids could just start realizing their amazing potential all the time — and learn how to tap into this potential — they can start using the innate tools we’ve all been given and become the creators of their own happiness.

Super Pakks – I Am

Is your son or daughter feeling unsure of him/herself this morning? Have them choose their statement for the day, such as “I am courageous!” The back of the SUPER Pakks package has over 60 powerful qualities they can choose from. Or they can come up with their own which not only helps them make it stick in their minds, it also teaches self-awareness.


  • 25 sticky notes. Each sticky note is 3″ x 3″
  • Written on every sticky note are the words “I am _____________”
  • On the back is a list of 60 positive words your child can choose from to create his own powerful mantra for the day
  • He/she can write his word on the line, then just tuck the sticky note into his pocket and go
  • During the day, he/she can repeat the mantra over the course of the day
  • Even if he/she doesn’t, the sticky note is still working to create better beliefs

Kids Are Superheroes, So Let’s Teach Them Why with Super Pakks 2

Super Pakks – I Can

Does your son/daughter have a math test today? Or a big presentation? Or a class they’re nervous about? The child can keep it in his school bag and create a sticky note whenever he/she needs to give themselves some encouragement.

Now when your child creates one of the sticky notes, they’re learning to replace this negativity with positive new beliefs.  The note can be placed right on their desk or tucked into their pocket for a reminder that they can do whatever they put their mind to.


  • 25 sticky notes.  each sticky note is 3″ x 3″
  • Written on every sticky note are the words “I can do this, because I am _____________”
  • This pakk is perfect for times during the day when your child needs an extra boost of confidence
  • At these times, negative self-talk and self-image is overwhelming
  • He/she can create a sticky note and choose a positive, powerful new way to be
  • If he/she needs to, they can repeat the mantra several times during the day


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