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10 Tips to Keep Kids On Track During The Summer!

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10 Tips to Keep Kids On Track During The Summer! with Align Jr. Kids Probiotic

Summer is almost here, and my kids can’t wait.  My daughter already has her countdown on the fridge.  Now, don’t get me wrong I love having my kids at home, but SUMMERTIME is so chaotic!  I feel like we are all over the place and sometimes causes stress on all of us.  This summer we are taking a different route then just winging it.  We will have planned trips (day and overnights) and plenty of activities to keep us busy until school starts back up!  My kids don’t do well when there is too much chaos going on so I’m taking the lead (as the parent should) and making sure they stay on track!

  1. Sleep!  I still want them to get at least 8hrs of sleep. No, they don’t need to go to bed at 8 pm (like school nights) but a reasonable hour is a must.  They will have all the time to sleep in too.  I like my peaceful mornings still.
  2. Breakfast.  Every morning they will need to eat something! Doesn’t change for summer, they still need to refuel their body and get that energy for the day.
  3. Water. They will each have their water bottles when we go out.  I don’t like them drinking sugary drinks but if we go somewhere fun then yes in moderation. But H2O is essential to drink every day!
  4. Active.  I’m not expecting them to train for a marathon but at least 60 minutes of some activity.  My kids won’t have any problem.  They love to be outside for the summer.  We can do yoga together, take bike rides or even a walk after dinner.
  5. Veggies/Fruit.  This is a must for every day.  Summertime doesn’t mean junk food every day!  They will have fruit with every meal and vegetables at least two times a day.  Kids love to snack on raw veggies with ranch, so I will be keeping plenty of that on hand.
  6. Limit TV/Video Games.  I know my boys would rather play video games all day, but that is not going to happen.  Now they will have an hour a day that they can split up but summertime there are way too many fun things to do than watch TV. We will have an activity every day.
  7. Sunscreen.  Now, this is crucial, and as a parent, please make sure you put sunscreen on the kids, no matter what the weather is like.  I’ve been burned bad on windy days too.  This will help their skin in the long run so don’t forget the protection.
  8. Insect Repent. The kids hate when I put this on, but I don’t care.  They thank me when they don’t get bites.  Watching your children scratch or listen to them complain about bites is stressful so stop it before it happens.
  9. Wash Hands.  Who wants to get sick during summer….not my kids.  However, germs are all over the parks, buses, and public places we might visit.  10 Tips to Keep Kids On Track During The Summer! with Align Jr. Kids Probiotic
  10. Probiotic for Kids. This will help with sensitive bellies. My kids get tummy aches when their diet is different, routine changes, stresses, and if they become very busy.  So I make sure I have kids probiotics on hand at all time. Giving my kids a daily probiotic supplement like Align Jr. helps support their digestive health.*

10 Tips to Keep Kids On Track During The Summer! with Align Jr. Kids Probiotic Align, the #1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic brand now comes in great-tasting chewable for kids age 6-12 years old. 
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Saturday 27th of May 2017

I'm not a mom but I love chewable vitamins too! I take chewable B 12 every day!

Our Family World

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Great tips! I know it is the summer and kids will be off of school but it is still important to maintain the same amount of screen time as they did when they had class. Sunscreen and lots of fluids and vitamins are great to keep them healthy.

Cindy Gordon

Thursday 25th of May 2017

Yes, make sure they get those vitamins. Their brain needs to stay active as well!

Elizabeth O.

Thursday 25th of May 2017

These are great tips to keep the kids healthy and active! I think probiotics are really important especially when they're having issues with their digestion.

travel blogger

Wednesday 24th of May 2017

It is important in the summer to keep some semblance of a routine. A probiotic is such a good idea. I know my son has a hard time when his morning routine is off, and he will get a stomach ache. This is a good idea to help keep him regular.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.