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Keeping My Car Clean With A Puppy! 

Molly Mutt Has My Car Covered

MollyMutt Has Us Covered-Keeping Car Clean With Puppy!

Harley loves to travel with us because he doesn’t like to stay at home alone. Plus I don’t want him staying home alone; I’m afraid of what I will come back too. So, we take him with us every time we can. But, traveling with a pup is a new experience for us, and it is like having another child at times. Between the messes, fighting and getting bored, what am I to do? I have to plan for Harley just like my two human children.

mollymutt Has Us Coverede Keping Car Clean With Puppy!

Mollymutt Car Seat Cover helps to make our rides easier and cleaner. The covers not only protect your seats and cargo area, but they also add a bit of style and class to your vehicle. Helps to dress up your mom vehicle! Because the non-skid backing and seat anchors keep your cover in place, you don’t have to worry about the cover sliding off. If your vehicle has headrests these covers will fit!

With three ways to use the cover, you will be protected at all times.


  • I am traveling with just myself and Harley, I use it as a hammock. This allows Harley to have the back seat all to himself. While keeping him contained and safe.
  • Now if it is myself, Harley and both kids I like the car seat option. Easy to install, adjustable straps and slots so the seat belts can pull through and keep everyone buckled up and safe.
  • But if we are traveling with the entire family, we use the cargo cover version. We lay down the third row and attach like a big blanket. This gives the kids and Harley enough room to stretch out and get comfy. While allowing the total access to Harley if he needs us.

Another fact is it is 100% washable. Just simply wash according to which product you have.

  • Crate Covers – cold wash and hang dry only.
  • Duvets/Stuff Sacks/Pillow Packs – cold wash and tumble dry on low. Mollymutt outside and armor – recommended wiping off, if further cleaning needed, wash off with cold water and hang dry.
  • Just a quick note: cold water is bad for most fabrics, so make sure that you don’t leave your products in the washer for an extended time.

I love that molly mutt car seat cover are stylish, no more boring covers!  They protect my car and look good; this is my type of product. Plus Harley loves it too!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.