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Keep Your Items in Check for Holiday Road Trips

I love a good road trip! What I don’t love is the car being a mess, and the kids garbage from snacks being all over. This holiday, keep those items in check when on the road.

Keep Your Items in Check for Holiday Road Trips

Okay, holiday is travel is right around the corner. Many families head out on their road trips with their cars packed to the gills. But how do we keep it from looking like a bomb went off in our vehicles? Easy, we get some of these fantastic products from Diono.

Road Tripping Made Neater

Diono has a full selection of items to not only keep your kids toys and devices handy, but to also keep your car tidier. That means peace of mind with quiet kids, and also knowing you won’t show up to your destination with the world’s messiest car.

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Grab their Stow ‘n Go organizers for each one of your seats. They attach easily to the back of your front seats, and have plenty of pockets for your kids to store their stuff. When we road trip Liam always has his tablet, iPod, coloring books and crayons, a travel game, and more. The seven full sized pockets on Stow ‘n Go store all of this and more with ease. We keep ours in the car all the time because we travel to a lot of appointments, and Liam is accustomed to taking busy items with him.

Do You Need More Room?

Are you heading out on a longer trip? Need more room for more busy items? If so, then check out Diono’s Travel Pal. This handy dandy thing fits between two kids, and even between two car seats. The deep cargo bins are perfect for slightly larger toys, or lots of smaller ones. There’s also other pockets to store stuff. Oh, and it’s waterproof so feel free to put their drinks in it too! I love ours! I put some of our fur daughters stuff (collapsible dishes, extra leash and poo bags,) in there and there’s still plenty of room for Liam to put some of his things too.

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Don’t Let Winter Weather and Little Feet Ruin Seats

There’s nothing I hate more than dirty scuff marks on the back of our seats. It drives my hubby and I batty. Well, we live in Northeastern Pa and our winters are pretty sloppy, which means often times so are the backs of our seats, from little feet. Which is where Diono Stuff ‘n Scuff comes in. It attaches to the back of your front seats with ease, and then little dirty feet get that dirty instead of your seat. You can easily wipe it clean too. Oh, and it even has some pockets to store some of their belongings.

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Pick Up Your Trash

Part of the problem when traveling in the car is trash. What do you do with it? If you’re my kids, you shove it in the other pockets of your Travel Pal. Well, now that we got Diono’s In-Car Pop Up Trash Bin, they can put their trash where it belongs, in the garbage! Then at rest stops we can empty it out and start over. Made from water resistant fabric, it collapses when not in use. It also has a drawstring on top to keep garbage from falling out.

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Diono has a full selection of car seats and other car related children’s products. To see them all, click here. Follow via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.