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Keep Baby and Kids Safe While Worrying Less

September is Baby Safety Month, but parents know we worry about safety year round. Worrying so much takes a toll on our health, and let's face it, it stinks. So here are some things to help keep your baby and children safe.

Keep Baby and Kids Safe While Worrying Less

As of late, it seems hot cars are proving to be a severe danger to babies and children. A great way to be sure you're not frazzled and leave them in the car even momentarily is to keep your purse, briefcase, or the diaper bag in the back seat.

eClip Elepho

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Another great way is to get the eClip by Elepho. This awesome little gadget clips right to the shoulder straps on baby's car seat, or to the shoulder strap of a child's seat belt. (Don't worry, there are no choking hazards, and the on/off switch is designed so curious ones can't just turn it off.) eClip is linked to your phone. It tells you the temperature of the back seat and if for some reason you walk away without your baby or child, eClip alerts you via your phone.

Wandering, Eloping and Class Trips

Babies that can walk and older children can wander or elope. Whether this is from their day care, or away from their class during a trip, it's a real fear among most parents. That's why we use SafetyTat. It goes on easily, and you write your number on it. It's waterproof so it will last all day. They even have a new version that includes Tatmoji. You can customize your child's SafetyTat will an emoji that looks like them.

Keep kids safe

SafetyTat is perfect for school, daycare, class trips, vacations, and more. You can even use it as a way to let Emergency or daycare personal know that your child has an allergy. Instead of writing your contact info, let them know what allergy your child has. I home school my son, but we still use SafetyTat. He's autistic and when he gets nervous or scared, he often loses his speech. So wherever we go, Liam has a SafetyTat on his arm. He has been known to wander off. Thankfully not far, but it's one less worry with SafetyTat.

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I received this product to facilitate my post. All opinions are my own!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.