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Is Your HVAC System Harming Your Health?

If you’ve recently dealt with a runny nose or other cold-like symptoms, you may be surprised to learn that your air conditioner may be the primary reason that you’re sick. If you aren’t taking proper care of your HVAC unit, it may only be a matter of time before you start experiencing health problems. Look for these issues when trying to determine if your air conditioner is the cause of your problems.

Why Taking Care Of Your HVAC System Is Important

HVAC systems are currently in demand. The global market size of HVAC systems was over $240 billion in 2019. While the cold air from the unit isn’t the exact cause for why you aren’t feeling well, it could be harmful to your health if you aren’t performing regular maintenance on your home. While the HVAC system distributes air, it could also circulate mold, bacteria, and pollutants that can cause you to become ill. If your HVAC unit doesn’t receive proper maintenance, it could cause mold and bacteria to grow. The pollutants may infiltrate your room and damage your immune system. Pay attention to these common health issues that could be linked to poor HVAC systems.

Exposure To Mold

If you have noticed mold on your walls, near a vent, or another part of your HVAC system, you should be concerned. Mold particles detach and spread due to indoor air circulation. You will be exposed to throat congestion and irritation if the problem isn’t taken care of immediately. Look inside your air ducts and vents for any potential signs of mold growth. Call a contractor to take care of the problem before it grows into a larger problem.

Dry Skin and Eyes

If you have spent months in a space with HVAC, you may eventually notice changes to your skin. It’s possible that your skin may start to dry out. The chilly atmosphere may cause your skin to lose its lubrication. The result is dry skin and hair. While dry eyes are a common symptom for people who have allergies, your HVAC system could also play a significant role. Faulty ductwork and filters may pollute the air and cause your eyes to feel itchy and watery. To prevent this, you should have your HVAC system serviced at least two times each year.

Breathing Issues

If your HVAC filters are dirty, they will eventually start to host multiple types of bacteria. Mold may start to develop, as well as condensation from the cool air. You could be exposed to significant breathing issues as the bacteria starts to travel around. You could be at risk of catching a bad cold, flu, or even pneumonia. You should change your AC or furnace filter every 30 days to avoid serious health issues.

General Fatigue

It’s normal to feel some muscle aches and general soreness after a few hard days of work. However, your HVAC system could be contributing to your issues. Staying in an air-conditioned room for too long causes your body to burn energy. The constant burning strains muscles and causes fatigue. If you’re sharing a building with many people, poor air quality creates an ill atmosphere. The combination of dust, poor ventilation, bad lighting, and lack of humidity may cause you to receive strong headaches. Your mucous membrane may also become irritated, and you could develop chills.


Drinking water on a consistent basis is important. The dehumidification process that your HVAC system goes through lowers the overall moisture in the atmosphere. The low humidity level causes your body to feel chilly. As your body temperature lowers, you may start feeling dehydrated. Drinking water can help prevent this common health issue.

Your HVAC system ensures that you stay cool during warm summers. However, failing to take care of your HVAC system may cause more harm than good to your overall health. It’s critical to take care of your health and be mindful of how you’re feeling.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.