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Is Boomeritis Even A Thing? Ask Your Knees

It is getting to be that time of year again when the cold, damp weather starts to return after the heat of a record-shatteringly hot summer.

Those who are among the Boomer generation know that Boomeritis really is a thing, even though it probably started out as a lark of some kind.

The premise of Boomeritis is that after a literal lifetime of being committed to staying healthy and active, the body naturally begins rebelling against all the wear and tear.

It’s rather a play on words that combine osteoarthritis, arthritis or even bursitis with the generational moniker.

Is Boomeritis Even A Thing? Ask Your Knees

Even though it has been coined ‘Boomeritis’ in what is meant to be a fun way of describing those conditions, there is nothing fun about the very real pain associated with Boomeritis.

Treating the Old Shocks

Wouldn’t it be nice if it was as easy to treat the old shock absorbers in the knees as it is to replace them in that vehicle you’ve been driving since the days of Fred and Wilma in their now infamous Flintstone mobile?

Actually, knee surgery should always be the last resort because recovery goes on forever and it is altogether too invasive.

The recovery time alone is enough to be dreaded and this is exactly why specialty clinics like Kneecare Clinics in St. Louis offer a wide range of treatments that seek to rebuild and strengthen the knees with injections and therapy.

Yes, Boomeritis is very real, and very painful, but surgery isn’t always the best treatment.

In fact, it is usually the one to be avoided if at all possible, due to the massive recovery time and the limited mobility throughout.

Home Remedies

While not the same as physical therapy, injections and/or electrical nerve stimulation, there are remedies often recommended by orthopedic doctors.

Sometimes heat is applied and if swelling is present, an ice pack may be used as well.

Some sufferers of knee pain find that natural anti-inflammatories help to reduce the swelling and others get regular site injections that help with both swelling and pain.

The one thing you will always want to do is talk to your provider before taking any supplements, no matter how safe and effective they are said to be.

Sometimes it’s a sales gimmick and other times there is sufficient evidence to show that certain compounds offer just enough relief to help you deal with an otherwise excruciating condition.

What’s in a Name Anyway?

Calling it Boomeritis isn’t an effort to make light of a painful condition, but rather a way to recognize that knee pain is very real and that there are ways to alleviate some of the suffering.

Knee pain is common among seniors who have spent a lifetime on their feet absorbing shock day after day after day.

No, you don’t need reminding that you are suffering, but you may need reminding that there is relief out there. So, call it what you may, just don’t be afraid to seek relief.

You deserve a quality of life at this stage of the game, so do what you can to ease the pain.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.