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Is All Black Mold In Your Home Dangerous?

Even walls lose their charm one day.

Walls and ceilings are prone to molds. Molds are a collection of spots that grow on moist walls.

The molds are mostly found in bathrooms because the moisture is more there.

Molds harm health, but there are many techniques for mold removal remediation.

There are many types of mold-like Aspergillus, Alternaria, and black mold.

Is All Black Mold In Your Home Dangerous?

Black mold is the most frequently occurring variant of mold you can find in houses.

Is black mold toxic?

The answer is no! The colour is black, so it doesn’t mean it will turn out to be deadly.

Black mold is not at all toxic, and it happens in very rare cases that it turns out to be toxic, but it does have some serious effects on the health of the person.

What can happen (health risks)?

All types of mold pose health risks, especially black mold. Black mold has an effect on the air around it.

Black mold releases pollutants which make the air dirty, and as a result, it causes difficulty in breathing, coughing and sneezing.

Black mold can also cause nausea in people.

Headache is also a symptom of increased exposure to black mold.

It is more injurious for people who suffer from migraine headache.

Is All Black Mold In Your Home Dangerous?

In some severe cases, it also causes a bleeding nose.

Apart from physical effects on health, black mold has psychological effects on health such as mood swings, irritation.

Myths about black mold

  • The first and foremost myth is that it is toxic, but that’s not true. It doesn’t produce any toxins that can prove to be deadly.
  • The second myth which people believe in is that the results of mold testing are always 100% accurate, but this may not be true, because there are more than 100,000 molds that exist, it is not important that mold testing will be able to pinpoint them.
  • The third myth is that mold must be cleaned with bleach. Bleach has serious harm on the lungs, so it’s better to scrub it with soap and water.

Precautions to be taken

If you are treating the black mold yourself, then make sure you wear, mask, gloves and other protective equipment.

If the mold is severe, then call for professional help.

Remedies for mold removal

  1. The best remedy that works for mold is that there are special mold removals available. You can even buy it online and scrub it on the walls or wherever the mold has occurred.
  2. The second home remedy is to mix baking soda and water, (preferably in a spray bottle) scrub it and mild molds will get removed.
  3. Another home remedy is to use tea tree oils on the affected area. You can use other oils also, but it may not be much enduring.
  4. Lemon acts as a natural bleach agent and also has a good and refreshing smell. It is the best home remedy and very easy to use.
  5. Grapefruit seed extract can also be used. It is very popular for its excellent characteristics. It kills the bacteria that causes mold.
Is All Black Mold In Your Home Dangerous?

Black mold does bring some danger, but it is not toxic.

Black mold is like any other mold, so you don’t have to be scared of it.

It is advisable to stay off from black mold because the health does get harmed due to it, be it mild or in high levels.

If black mold occurs at your home, get a whitewash done or call for professional help.

Just keep the precautions in mind, and if black mold happens in your house follow the necessary remedies.

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