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Important Things Car Owners Overlook

Important Things Car Owners Overlook

Owning a car is one thing and knowing how to maintain it is another thing. Often, car owners overlook some important things regarding their vehicles and end up with wrecked cars in the long run. There's always a possibility for you to have a car breakdown. To ensure your vehicle is in good working condition, you have to work towards not assuming any detail. Here are some of the things every car owner should not overlook.

  1. Spare tire

Every driver should have a spare tire for use in the event you get a tire burst while on the road. Unfortunately, very few drivers can change their tires. It is good to familiarize yourself with changing of car tires because at one point or another you may find yourself stranded in a lonely place with flat tires. Luckily for you, a jack does most of the lifting because you have to balance the car weight well to effectively change the tire. Spare tires are often placed in the trunk of most cars, but will vary from one car model to another. Nonetheless, ensure you know where the tire is and also the jack.

  1. Tire pressure

Before embarking on any journey, you should check the tire pressure. Ensure you have just the right pressure because too low will cause wearing out on your tires. On the other hand, high pressure on your tires may make the tires not to have the right grip on the surface which is dangerous and may easily cause an accident. However, if you do not know how to tell the correct pressure for your tires, you would rather have higher pressure than low pressure.

  1. Car maintenance

You may be tempted not to take your car for maintenance services because it is expensive but, you could be risking the durability of the vehicle. Intervals at which you should take your automobile for maintenance vary depending on the car you are using. However, each car manual has details regarding the same.

  1. Change the air filters

Air filters are supposed to be changed bi-annually. If they are not replaced regularly, it could lead to clogging of the engine with dirt and other foreign material. Clogged engines require more effort to run the car and consequently, more fuel is consumed.

  1. Emergency kit

Emergency Kit is a must have for all drivers because eventualities such as car breakdown cannot be predicted. The package should have:

  • A first aid kit.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • A flashlight.
  • Reflective warning triangles.
  • Gloves.
  • Tire gauge
  • Jumper cables
  1. Car brakes

The braking system of a car should not be overlooked because most car accidents are caused by poor brake systems in vehicles. If the brakes are broken down, then you cannot control the car speeds effectively. The visible sign that your brakes are worn out is if the steering wheel is shaking whenever you step on the brake pedals.

  1. Shocks and absorbers

Older cars are the ones mainly affected by wearing out shocks and struts. Shocks that are worn out make the vehicle to produce shaky sounds whenever you go over bumps. Your car may also move back and forth occasionally. Replace the shocks whenever necessary to prevent them from wearing out and making your vehicle unstable.

  1. Repair minor scratches

Minor scratches, never seem to bother most vehicle owners. However, you may assume one, and then get another one and within no time, your car may be filled with scratches. You should learn how to use rubbing and polishing products to ensure your vehicle remains in pristine condition. Alternatively, you could use the services of professionals to polish all the scratches on your automobile.

  1. Have a mechanic on dial

A good mechanic is worth retaining because they hold the best interests of your car at heart. It is crucial to conduct due diligence before settling on one mechanic. Ask for recommendations from friends and relatives. Read reviews from car sites to avoid getting quacks that may charge cheaply but destroy your vehicle.

  1. Get some roadside assistance from professionals

You may also find yourself in a situation where you need help such as jump starting, your car could lock with the keys inside, or you get a flat tire, and you have no spare one. You could even have the spare tire, but you have no idea how to change it. Worse still, the vehicle may break down at weird hours of the night and no driver along the road will stop to help you. Donovan Harris from Fast Melbourne Towing says that getting stranded on the side of the highway at night increases your chance of something dangerous to happen. As such, you should have contacts of professionals who will come to your aid then.

  1. Check the vehicle fluids regularly

Drivers often overlook car fluids which are necessary in ensuring your car runs smoothly. Some of these fluids include: coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, windshield cleaning fluid, and power steering fluid. Vehicle owners should check each of these fluids to confirm that they are sufficient and clean. Also, change them regularly to avoid clogging with dirt.

Every car owner and enthusiast should not assume some important things regarding their car. Some of these things include: having a spare tire, checking on tire pressure, changing car fluids regularly, and checking on air filters. Also, have a mechanic and roadside assistance service on call in the case you have a problem you cannot solve on your own. Most importantly, have yourself some emergency tool kit in your vehicle. Though if your car ever breaks down or has a blown engine, there are ways you can easily sell your car online

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Saturday 5th of January 2019

Yes having a car is one thing but it takes huge responsibility owning one at the same time. We have to maintain and know its mechanics in order to use its full function.

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