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Ideas For A Girl’s Night In

Ideas For A Girl's Night In

Going out with your girls on a Friday night can be a fun time! Who doesn’t like to get out of the house and let loose a little bit? As fun as that sounds, doing the same old thing over and over again can get tiring, as can waking up with a hangover every morning after you go out with your girls. If you are trying to save money on not going out too much or if you just want to stay home and be able to talk about life, staying in might not be the worst idea. You can have a lot of fun on a girl’s night in! Whatever your reason for staying in with the girls may be, it is important to own it and enjoy every minute of it. Below are some fun, easy ways to have fun at your next girl’s night in.

Pick a craft to do together

Go online to look for ideas. Find an interesting craft that speaks to you. Make a craft that can be used as decor for your home, create gifts for one another, start a scrapbook that is allowed only pictures of you and your girlfriends in it, draw or paint something together, or make fashionable bracelets with charms. There are so many other crafts that you can do. Enjoy the time together as you all get creative and laugh together.

Start reminiscing about old times

You and your friends have a lot of memories that you created together and enjoyed with one another. Whether it be awkward teenage years, prom nights, college memories, the first time getting drunk together, boyfriends, etc., sitting around and reminiscing about those times can be a great way to spend a night. Bring out the bottle of wine for everyone, break out the old photos, and enjoy the tears and laughter that comes with remembering old times that you all went through together.

Pop in a cheesy chick flick

You can find a great move movie just about anywhere. There are also comedies, scary movies, romantic comedies, and just side-splitting comedies out there that are so much fun to watch. A night where you can all sit together in comfortable clothes, pop some popcorn, gather all of your favorite snacks, and snuggle together while enjoying a good movie.

Create a spa night for everybody

One of the most fun things you can do with your girls when you go out is to go to a spa and spend time being pampered together. The bad news about this is that a professional spa can easily cost a hundred dollars or more to go too, and not everyone can afford to do that. Instead of forking out a lot of money at a professional spa, create one at your own home by having different stations of sliced cucumbers for your eyes, a nail painting station, bubble bath, pedicure stations, face masks, and calm music playing over a stereo. Sometimes the most fun thing you can do with your girlfriends is to relax with them and get rejuvenated together.

Play a bunch of board games together

Board games can bring the competitive side out of us ladies and they can bring out all of the laughter as well. Break out your card tables and get your old favorite board games out of storage. Set them out and start having fun playing games together. You will love playing together or against one another, you will enjoy all of the laughter that a game brings along with it. Breaking out the old board games will give you all a trip down memory lane which can be as exciting as the game itself.

The above ideas and dozens of other ideas are perfect for a night in with your best girlfriends. No matter which of these you choose to do, you are guaranteed to have a whole bunch of laughs and a great time every single time you get together. You and your best girlfriends do not have to always go out and spend money or be out until the break of dawn to have a good time. Stay home and enjoy yourselves more than ever. You will not regret it.

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