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How to Start a Life-Changing Morning Routine

How to Start a Life-Changing Morning Routine

Some people seem to have mornings mastered. They wake up, get things done, and seem perfectly happy doing it. Then there’s the rest of us, who struggle to roll out of bed and have a codependent relationship with coffee to get through the day.

The difference between these two people isn’t some genetic feature that allows people to love mornings; it’s having an awesome morning routine in place. Here are actionable steps for starting a life-changing morning routine.

Start the Night Before

The secret to a great morning routine is starting the night before. After all, if you feel as though you’re not getting enough sleep, the morning has nothing to do with it. Start journaling when you go to bed and when you wake up or using a sleep tracker to get an in-depth look at how much rest you’re really getting.

Start creating an evening routine. Cut out social media and screens for an hour before bedtime. Try not to consume a lot of food immediately before bed, as your digestive system could make you restless. Practice positive visualization and tell yourself that you’re going to have a great morning– you’d be surprised at how much of a psychological effect positive self-talk can have. You may even want to create your own bedtime mantra. Visit Wisdom Quotes for inspiration.

Wake Up Earlier

This is where people start to revolt against the idea of creating a morning routine, but it’s also a really important step. Wake up a half-hour to an hour earlier, especially if you’re a parent. While the idea may seem ludicrous, there’s a great reason for it: you have time to focus solely on yourself.

Once you get into the routine, this extra time allows you not only to wake up effectively so that you’ll be more productive once the morning officially starts, but it also creates an opportunity to accomplish something for yourself. Self-care comes in many different ways. Using this time to practice personal development, exercise or sit uninterrupted and finish a cup of coffee while it’s still hot can be restorative.

In addition to practicing positive visualization, another effective tool for waking up earlier is setting your phone and alarm across the room. By doing so, you eliminate the temptation to check your phone non-stop, and you have to get out of bed without hitting snooze.

Start Slow

Breaking the snooze button habit can be tough, but you know in your deepest heart that having the buzzer go off every nine minutes until you’re late and rushed isn’t doing anyone any good. Neither is trying to roll out of bed and function at an optimal level.

The fix to these problems is starting slow. Start your morning with things that your body can do on autopilot. For example, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and putting on the kettle. Have a large glass of water, as humans tend to get slightly dehydrated throughout the night. Give yourself at least ten minutes of zombie time before adding more demanding tasks, like packing lunches and planning the day.

Set a Goal

Make your morning routine an important part of accomplishing a goal to give yourself some accountability. Maybe there’s a course you’ve been interested in taking and having a morning routine is the only way to ensure it gets done. Maybe your goal is to get to the gym for a morning class before work. For this purpose, your goal is the destination and the morning routine is a part of the journey.

Rise and Shine

While the first few days might be rough, the key benefit of rocking your morning routine is that it will resonate throughout your life. You’ll find more hours in a day and get better at managing the morning chaos with a family or a commute to work. You’ll set yourself up for success all day long, then feel tired and ready to sleep at a reasonable time, continuing the cycle. Give it a try; it might be life-changing!

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Dawn Monzu

Wednesday 20th of February 2019

Hey Kelly! I loved reading this! It gave me some great ideas and Lord knows I need them. My mornings are terrible and, of course, I know why. I will try and implement at least a couple of these into my routine. I'll let you know how it goes! Thank you for the great info. God bless!

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