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How To Spend Your Lunch Break

A lunch break routine, just like the morning and the bedtime routines, needs to be perfect.

After all, breaks are essential. They help you rejuvenate and keep up the work momentum.

However, what you do during your lunch break can affect your overall productivity at work.

To help you remain productive, we’ve highlighted various things to do during a lunch break.

How To Spend Your Lunch Break

Do one or all of them, and have true relaxation before you head back to the final hours of the working day.

Make or order a healthy lunchtime meal

A lunch break is a break like no other. It’s time to rejuvenate, and this includes boosting your energy. Think of it as refueling.

A car would be of no use without gas. This applies to both humans. When you are hungry, your output will be at the bare minimum.

Worst of all is if you are working on a challenging project.

The bottom line is, you need to regain energy, and what would be a great way to do that other than get yourself a healthy meal?

Most importantly, make sure you take the meal from somewhere else other than your working desk.

Do Some Exercise

After the meal, don’t be lured into sleeping.

Sometimes, the feeling is irresistible, but doing some exercise will help you overcome it. The best thing about exercising is that it leaves you more energized, and therefore fit for work.

However, you don’t need too much exercise. It’s not like you are working out or something.

Even a short blast will prove to be useful.

Read a Novel You Find Interesting

Reading is a great way to spend your time. If reading is your hobby, you can attest to this.

It takes you to a fantasy world, far from your actual working environment.

In addition, reading will keep you stimulated and therefore ready to work. So, settling into a chapter or two would be a great way to spend your lunch break.

Play an Online Game

The main objective of a break is to give you relief from your work for a short while.

How To Spend Your Lunch Break

Playing an online game, regardless of what it is, could help with that. If you are into playing online games at or sports betting, this may be a good time to check the odds and stats.

If not, you can try some Candy Crush or any game you find interesting.

However, don’t get too preoccupied. It’s a break, not a holiday!


Doing some grounding practices like meditation is useful, especially when you are tired and have some work due.

Working or even studying is often tough on the brain. So, doing something to clear your head is a good way to de-stress.

A short-guided meditation can help you clear your mind. The practice is more useful when you feel overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, a lunch break should be a restorative period.

It should take you far from your work for a few minutes.

By so doing, you can regain the energy to do the remaining work. However, in whatever you do, make sure your lunch break is enjoyable.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.