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How To Prepare For A New Cat

Cats are gorgeous creatures and make excellent pets.

While they might be more aloof than a dog, they can still be very affectionate and loyal animals that enjoy cuddling up once in a while.

For those that can’t commit to regular walks, or who would prefer a pet that is more independent, yet still soft and cuddly, cats are perfect.

How To Prepare For A New Cat

If you have recently become a cat owner and are awaiting your new companion’s arrival, here are a few ways you need to get ready for them.

Find a Good Vet

This is important for any type of pet you’re about to welcome into your home.

Make sure you find a reputable vet near your home to take your cat for check-ups when they seem sick, or in case of emergency.

You should also find out what kind of treatments your new cat has already had, or whether you will need to arrange for this to be done yourself.

For example, this includes neutering or spading, flea treatments, etc.

You should also look at getting pet insurance for your new cat to help you pay for medical treatments.

Create an Area for It

It’s also worth trying to create a special area at home for your cat to hide in and make it more comfortable.

Cats tend to like their privacy, so having a dedicated space for them to retreat to when they want to sleep or be alone is a good idea.

It could also help them settle in your home a bit better if they have an area where they feel safest.

How To Prepare For A New Cat

You might notice your cat spraying in your home when they first arrive, and this could be because they feel unsettled in their new surroundings.

If you want to learn more about how to stop cats from spraying and keep them happy, take a look at some of the advice at Stop Cats Spraying & Cat Speak.

Remove Hazards

As well as creating a dedicated space in your home for your new cat, make sure you’ve also removed any hazardous items or stored chemicals in a secure place.

Animals tend to be curious, and cats are especially attributed to this characteristic.

They will go exploring in your home, so to avoid any accidental injuries or other devasting problems, make sure you have cleared your home of anything that could harm your new pet.

Toys and Accessories

Make sure your home is ready for your new cat by purchasing some useful toys and accessories for them to use.

A litter tray is a must, especially if you’re getting a small kitten who needs to be trained.

How To Prepare For A New Cat

A scratching post is also a good idea, as is getting a cat carrier for when you make visits to the vets or go on any other journeys with them.

Spend Time with Them

Finally, if you can visit with your cat before you take them home try to do this as often as possible so they can get used to you.

Even when you do bring them home, make sure you’re giving them plenty of attention, play with them, and let them grow more comfortable with you and their new surroundings.

Cats are lovely pets, and if you’re planning to bring one into your home, make sure you use the points above to help you get ready

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