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How To Manage Freelance Projects During The Holidays

Are you a full-time freelance writer?

Is freelance writing your go-to for making side income?

No matter what your writing schedule looks like, you can find a profitable balance between working and taking time to relax.

If you write professionally, you might take on extra freelance projects to make more money during the holidays.

How To Manage Freelance Projects During The Holidays

Here’s how to manage your time so you can still enjoy the season.

How to Balance Work and Free Time

Freelancing with side projects means that you get to create your work schedule and choose your assignments.

This can be good because you are in control of the balance between your work and free time.

It can also be challenging because you can’t always just work a simple “9 to 5” schedule.

During the holidays you may be invited to attend social functions with friends and family.

You’ll need to deal with many more distractions than usual, juggling invites plus working on your freelance projects.

Working during the holidays can be especially challenging because you probably have a goal for what you would like to accomplish in your work, but feel pulled in different directions.

Handling it means you will need to have good communication with people in your life and avoid over-commitment to anything.

It’s better to stay flexible and not overpromise on freelance projects.

You should also tell friends and family that you love spending time with them, but you also have work obligations.

Treat your freelance work with as much seriousness as you would a regular “9 to 5” job.

Time Management Strategies for Freelance Projects

Using a calendar is one especially effective strategy for working on your side hustle through the holidays.

Block out chunks of time throughout your week.

You should make space for freelancing, social events, family obligations, etc.

How To Manage Freelance Projects During The Holidays

This will give you a good overview that you can start your day with, and revise as needed. 

Most calendar apps let you set up auto-reminders, so you see when you need to start and stop.

If you use this method, you’ll be able to estimate how much time you’ll need to do different things.

Another strategy for managing holiday work is to start your day earlier or stay up later than everybody else.

This can often be your best chance of getting in some quiet time so you can concentrate and do your best.

You can also break your time into blocks throughout the day, with long breaks in between to accommodate family demands or social events.

Be sure to use the best tools for the work you do. If your work involves paycheck processing, consider using the ultimate paycheck generator for online payrolls

Hitting Your Earnings Goal

Extra holiday work can be an opportunity to make great money, but if social obligations have you struggling to stay focused, set some goals.

A realistic earnings goal will guide you as you plan your work week and take on new projects.

How To Manage Freelance Projects During The Holidays

Depending on the type of work you do, your goal could be based on the number of projects you need to accept or how much earnings you aim for.

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We hope this guide will help you manage your freelance projects during the holidays!

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed if you plan ahead.

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