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How To Have A Successful First Date: 7 Tips!

So you really like this person and now you both have fixed a date, time, and venue for your very first date together. Are you nervous?

Well, it’s absolutely okay if you are! We know how nervous one can get on their first date.

Almost 75% of Australians are now financially independent and wish to have a good time with their dates to feel some sort of a romantic connection.

If you’re stressed out regarding how to make your first date successful, our list here can help you out!

How To Have A Successful First Date: 7 Tips!

1. Arrive on time

First and foremost, always arrive on time. Being late on your very first date gives a pretty poor impression of you and is considered a major blunder.

So try to arrive a few minutes before the scheduled time.

If you feel you just can’t be punctual, you can arrive a minute or two late but no more than that.

In case there’s some sort of an unforeseen emergency and you can’t make it on time, inform your date immediately.

2. Dress comfortably

Yes, it’s important to look good and smart on your first date but make sure the outfit isn’t too tight or loose.

Uncomfortable clothes can not only make you look awkward but can also get in the way of your confidence.

Wear anything that speaks about your style but choose clothes that fit well. You wouldn’t want to hobble down a romantic moonlight walk because your pants are too flabby, right?

3. Choose a nice spot

Where you both have your date can make or break the entire deal. Your first date should be very special and so should the spot.

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4. Give compliments

What do you say to impress your date? You give compliments. Of course, not in an overly cheesy or creepy way, but something that sounds polite and genuine.

Compliments like, “You look beautiful tonight” or “I love the way you speak about (something)” can go a long way.

Everyone loves to receive compliments that are sweet and straight from the heart. But remember to not overdo it too, as that can sound fake and monotonous.

Moreover, if your date seems to be blushing, you know you’ve impressed them just right!

5. Break the ice

One of the most difficult things people experience on a first date is how to keep the conversation going.

Nobody wants to sit silently and awkwardly but on the other hand, nobody wants to come off as an annoying chatterbox too.

So what do you do to keep a balance? Crack one or two jokes to set the mood (make sure the jokes aren’t offensive!) and ask questions politely.

Don’t conduct a full-fledged interview but casually slip in a question or two. You can also prepare a few topics before your date but make sure you don’t blabber just to fill uncomfortable gaps.

How To Have A Successful First Date: 7 Tips!

6. Don’t talk about your ex

Talking about your ex can be a really big mood-killer. Nobody really wants to hear about a messy breakup or a toxic ex right on the first date.

Keep topics related to your ex at a minimum- no more than two or three sentences about them.

Preferably, just avoid that topic altogether. You’re off to a fresh start with a different person, so why would you keep bringing up the past?

7. Be attentive

Don’t ever zone out to be engrossed in other things while your date is talking.

It comes off as really rude. In order to truly have a connection, you need to be attentive and present.

Don’t constantly check your phone or fiddle when they are talking about something that might be important to them.

Over to you…

These are a few tips to make sure your first date ends up lovely and memorable.

The important thing here is to be your true self, communicate, and treat your date with respect.

If you follow the tips above, in no time you’ll be asked out on a second date!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.