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How To Detect A Receding Hairline Early

Male pattern baldness is something a lot of men will become familiar with as they get older.

Actually, men don’t have to be older for their hairline to start receding.

Some guys will notice a receding hairline while they’re still in their teens. Dealing with hair loss is never fun.

With a receding hairline men start to feel insecure and often want to hide underneath a hat.

Let’s face it, a receding hairline can make even the most handsome man look disheveled and older than they actually are.

Just because a receding hairline is bound to happen, doesn’t mean you have to live with it.

How To Detect A Receding Hairline Early

Actually, if a man notices the signs of a receding hairline early enough, they can make the changes necessary to prevent it from getting worse.

What do men need to look for in order to detect a receding hairline early? Keep reading for more information.

You Have an Uneven Hairline

One of the earliest signs of a receding hairline is when you noticed that your hairline is uneven.

This is actually the easiest way to tell if you may be experiencing male pattern baldness.

It is natural for the front line of hair to move back uniformly because it’s most likely to match their facial structure as they mature.

If you start to notice an uneven hairline, such as more receding hair at the temples than the peak of your forehead then it’s very likely that you have a receding hairline.

Observe The Hair Around Your Temples

If you’re unsure about whether or not your hairline is receding, a good place to start focusing on in the early stages is your temples.

Often when your hairline begins to recede, the hair by the temples starts to thin out first.

If you run your hand through your hair and notice that the front and back are thicker than the temples, it’s an early sign of a receding hairline.

This is usually the first spot on your head where the hairline will begin to recede.

You may notice your hairline begins to form a distinct M shape as the receding hairline gets worse. 

More Hair Fallout Than Usual

It’s completely normal for both men and women to experience a loss of 50 to 100 strands of hair each day.

This is a completely normal part of the hair growth process.

How To Detect A Receding Hairline Early

However, when it gets worse than this it’s a sure sign that your hairline is receding.

You can tell when you have more hair loss than normal because you should see it on your pillow case in the morning or even more coming out in your brush each day.

How To Slow Down The Effects Of A Receding Hairline

Hair loss as you get older is nothing to be ashamed about, but there are some things you can do to slow down the process:

  • Limit stress: Stress could weaken your immune system, which is a big factor in causing thinning hair which leads to hair loss.
  • Change your shampoo: The shampoo you’re using may not be helping the situation. Use a shampoo with DHT blockers because too much DHT in your body could lead to early hair loss.
  • Try minoxidil: Using products with minoxidil topically can help to increase your blood flow and stimulate your hair follicles to help with hair regrowth.

Final Thoughts: How to Detect a Receding Hairline Early

A receding hairline may be unavoidable, but if you look out for the signs above then you may be able to detect it early.

This will give you more time to take action and slow down the aging effects on your hairline.

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