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How To Decide Which Wine Is Right For You: Ratings

Wine ratings are on a point system. Each one tests the quality and variants within.

The rating system began back in the eighties by a man named Robert Parker.

The 90+ Point Wines are “wines of superior character and style,” says

People that know use this rating system to offer a selection of distinct choices for wine connoisseurs everywhere. 

Since the beginning, this system is the standard to buy the perfect wine for every occasion. Panels decide all the variants. Many wonder how to decide which wine is right.

How To Decide Which Wine Is Right For You: Ratings

Let’s look at how it works. Let’s evaluate the process first.

The Process

Rated on typicity and quality, the term typicity is another word for style. The style comes from the region where it was grown.

It’s known to be subjective to tastes. Here is the chart generally used for this process.

This varies by where it is seen. Close variances don’t really mean anything. It’s mainly for a basic view to rate wines.

• Rated 50-59 means it is not good enough for consumption

• Wines at 60 to 69 are good enough to drink

• Those rated 70-79 are average

• Wines that are 80 to 84 are good

• Wines rated 85 to 90 are very good

• Wines rated 90 to 94 are exceptional

• Those rated 95 to 100 are benchmark or classic

Issues With the System

Critics all have their favorites. They also tend to have their own variants at rating wine.

Some like them bold and sweet, while others prefer dry and subtle. Your own personal taste is what matters.

If you have a party where you will serve wine, have enough of each variant and ask guests which they prefer.

You can also have a wine tasting of your own to allow guests to pick their favorite. If you want to go all out, then hire a sommelier. Serve your guests.


The region in which a wine was grown and made is the most important aspect for most.

Every wine has a distinct taste that a sommelier can recognize.

How To Decide Which Wine Is Right For You: Ratings

A simple series of questions answers the question of which region you might prefer, then you can make your wine selection. 

After some time, you will begin to have a favorite.

As your palate forms for a preference, you will notice the bold versus the subtle. Regions and sweet versus dry will pair with foods.

It can take a lifetime of trying thousands of varied wines. Each region has its own variants and only a wine tasting can help you decide which one is right for you.

Issues With Ratings

Besides preferential choices in the palate, there are other concerns with the rating system.

The lower rating wines never see the light of day online. It might have a specific taste you might prefer.

If you never hear about it, then you won’t ever get that chance to taste it. The point system can also be different among wine reviews.

That can get very confusing. That leads to trying each one to see which suits your taste.

Where to Look

There are several well-known wine critics. Many are in the New York Times Wine section.

There are valuable resources on what type to select and new additions to the scene.

One of the best things you could do for yourself to enjoy wine tastings and decide for yourself is to take a wine tour through a certain region.

Read up on the best places and pack your bags. You could even find some to take home. You’ll have something to discuss at your next wine tasting party too.

The next time you are planning a summer gathering and you are trying to decide which wine to use, you can also decide which wine based on the 100-point system.

Either way, you will develop your own preferences for wine and come to enjoy the rating system.

It creates a desire for wine tastings and those trips through a wine country near or far from you. Enjoy the journey.

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