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How To Decide Between A Vacation Club This Year

If there’s one thing we all missed last year it was taking a vacation!

With the restriction on travel freedoms getting slowly lifted, we can all use a vacation in 2021.

One of the best parts of going on a vacation is our accommodation. If you find a great hotel, it’ll add to the fun of your vacation!

You can enjoy swimming pools, gaming, entertainment, private beaches, and great dining!

Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank for a hotel! You can sign up for a vacation club program.

How To Decide Between A Vacation Club This Year

These programs give you discounts and perks for staying in hotels. Here are the best vacation club options to try:

Disney Vacation Club

If you want to make the most out of a Disney vacation, then you have to become a DVC member!

With this membership, you accumulate points every time you spend money at a Disney resort, park, or store.

After you accumulate points you can use them for discounts at resorts.

You can also get perks such as access to swimming pools, Disney+ access, exclusive rooms, and more.

Make sure you understand how to choose the best DVC Use Year after you sign up for the membership.

This refers to when you can collect your points for redemption.

If you love Disney or you want a family vacation, this is the best option to choose from.

Hilton Vacation Club

If you love staying at the Hilton, then their vacation club will make you enjoy their best rooms!

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a larger room or have exclusive access, you’ll get it with the Hilton Vacation Club.

For exclusive access, you can own part of a resort as a timeshare.

The more often you stay at Hilton hotels and resorts, the more perks you’ll receive.

For example, you might have exclusive access to pools at luxury resorts. You’ll have access even when you aren’t staying at the hotel!

You can also get discounts on hotel amenities. These can include drinks at the bar to spa treatments.

If your focus is on luxury vacations, this is the ideal option for you.

Marriott Vacation Club

The Marriott Vacation Club is one of the most popular vacation club options available.

This vacation club works for Marriott hotels in the U.S. and abroad.

If you travel often for business, you can get discounts at smaller branches. You can also discounts and perks for luxury Marriott resorts.

You can get discounts for larger rooms and amenities.

These will include spa treatments, gym membership, swimming pools, etc.

How To Decide Between A Vacation Club This Year

There’s also the timeshare option where you can reserve your favorite rooms at convenient times for you.

You accumulate points with every purchase at any Marriott location.

You can also redeem them at any Marriott hotel.

If you’re a frequent traveler and need to cut your costs, this is the perfect option.

Hyatt Residence Club

This is another great luxury option that works for families, couples, and business travelers.

The bad news is that this vacation club is limited to only 16 hotels.

The great news is that these are some of Hyatt’s best resorts. You can stay at all 3 Key West resorts or their luxury beach resort in Maui.

If you stay at any of these resorts, you’ll accumulate points. These will add up to discounts at these resorts for a future stay.

If you accumulate enough points, you can eventually earn a free night! You can also upgrade to suites and other larger rooms.

There are four different tiers within the vacation club membership. With each tier, you’ll have to spend more to earn more.

But the higher tiers will give you discounts on suites and luxury amenities.

If you’re a luxury traveler, you have to give the Hyatt Residence Club a try!

Club Wyndham

This is another one of the most popular vacation club memberships. You can choose from over 4,000 resorts in over 100 countries.

You can enjoy the perks at any Club Wyndham location regardless of location.

With Club Wyndham membership, you can plan your vacation in advance at a discounted price.

This will include your flight, car rental, and vacation excursions.

You’ll also get discounts on activities and amenities within the resort. It comes with several tiers.

With each tier, you have access to different benefits within different resorts.

As a result, this is the most flexible option for travelers.

You can find options for regular travelers, infrequent travelers, business travelers, and luxury travelers.

Even if you’ve never stayed at a Wyndham resort, it’s worth investing in one of their vacation club options.

Diamond Resorts

This is another versatile option for different types of travelers. You can choose a points-based system or the timeshare option.

With the former, you accumulate points to get discounts on rooms and amenities.

With the latter, you can reserve your favorite room for months each year.

This vacation club option works at over a hundred Diamond Resorts in the U.S. and abroad.

While Diamond Resorts aren’t among the most popular resorts on this list, we think you should give them a try.

How To Decide Between A Vacation Club This Year

They hosted the LPGA tournament in 2019, began building more timeshare options, and have many great amenities.

One can expect the Diamond Resorts vacation club to grow in popularity in the coming years.

If you want a versatile vacation club option then this is the one for you!

Choose Your Vacation Club

Now you can choose the best vacation club option for your needs!

Make sure you choose the hotels that you prefer the most.

You also want to consider your budget and how often you can spend at the hotel. You can also check how easy it is to accumulate points and the value you get for the points.

Don’t forget to find your favorite lodging options and then book your timeshare.

This way, you’ll always get to stay in your favorite rooms at the best times.

You’ll love the discounts and exclusive access that a vacation club brings you. It’ll make traveling much easier and enjoyable!

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