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How To Clean Your Room Fast

Don’t you hate cleaning your room? Most people do since it’s often a time-consuming process and not the most fun way of spending an afternoon.

Still, it doesn’t always have to take as much time. In most cases, it takes us a while because we’re not doing it regularly. Also, most people tend to pile things instead of putting them back in place immediately.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent the mess from building up. Also, some tips and tricks can help you clean your room fast which is quite convenient if you’re often too busy and in a rush.

Check the article below to discover the easy and quick ways of achieving a clean and tidy room.

  1. Put things back in place

This is an obvious one though it often feels like we don’t have the time to commit to it. Do you come home tired just leaving your stuff on the chair? So do we although that’s the beginning of all the mess buildup.

The first step to preventing your room from looking like a hot mess is to put things back in place immediately after you’re done using them.

This might seem a bit insignificant since you can always do it later. However, the chances are you won’t do it in five minutes or maybe even by the end of that day.

For this reason, commit to this even if it seems difficult in the beginning. It’s a popular method that helps you develop the habit of doing this every day without even noticing.

  1. Take ten minutes of each day

Ten minutes isn’t a lot to take from each day. It’s far less than the time we all spend browsing the internet or watching the TV.

For this reason, try to take as much to give your room a quick clean-up. Stand at the door and glance at the space, so you can see what it is that needs cleaning. You can play some of your favorite tunes to make the task a bit more fun.

Put things back in place if you didn’t already. Open the windows to vent the room a little and take the time to throw out the trash if you have any.

This is an excellent method because these ten minutes often grow to fifteen or even twenty. It’s to show you that you probably have the time to keep the space clean, but you use that as an excuse because you hate doing it.

  1. Vacuum regularly

You should vacuum your room at least once or more often if you have pets. However, that usually takes a while longer if you didn’t do it for weeks already.

The first step to making this easier is to maintain your vacuum. Empty the dust bin/bag after each time you use the vac, so it’s always ready for the next time you need it.

Also, make sure to wash the filters and all the accessories, so you don’t have to do it right before you want to use the vac. Learning how to maintain a vacuum cleaner is fundamental to make the cleaning process quicker and easier.

If you don’t have the time to clean as often, you might want to consider buying a robot vacuum. These small units are quite efficient and convenient for busy people.

Still, robots require maintenance just as well, so make sure not to overlook it. They need to be cleaned and emptied more frequently than full-size vacs because they’re smaller.

  1. Make your bed

Even the cleanest room looks messy if the bed isn’t neatly made. Your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, and it’s inevitably the first thing you notice as you enter. You don’t want to see a big pile of sheets and pillows ruining an otherwise clean room?

Plus, even a room that’s a bit dusty won’t appear as such if your bed is made. It’s a trick, so make sure to fluff the pillows and tighten the bed cover as soon as you wake up or immediately after you get ready for the day.

Though it’s simple, the trick can also affect your productivity. By making your bed in the morning, you’ll already feel like you achieved something that day which gives you the momentum to keep going.

It takes no more than a few minutes depending on your bedding, so there’s no excuse to not making it. Surely, you can skip this once in a while if you sleep in and you’re late for class. But don’t let this happen too often, especially if you’ll stay in for the day.

The messy bed will most definitely affect your mood and productivity.

  1. Use quick dusting methods

Using a polish spray and cloth is a bit time-consuming. It’s an effective way of making your furniture shiny, but we don’t always have the time to do so.

Instead, use microfiber dust wipes to deal with dusty furniture quickly and efficiently. Keep in mind that wipes aren’t the most eco-friendly choice of maintaining your room, so make sure to use them only when you must.

Another thing you can do is use a simple reusable microfiber cloth. Use it wet or dry to quickly pick up the dust from your furniture. It’s equally as quick as using wipes, though you’ll have to rinse it or shake the dust off in between use.

How often should you do this? It really depends on how dusty your room gets over a certain period. For example, some houses have more dust than others if they’re near the road with passing trucks.

Are you waiting for an email response? Use those few minutes to quick dust your desk and area around it.

Whatever you do, don’t let the dust build up to a point where your shelves look white although they’re brown. It’s going to take much longer to clean them later on, so make sure to dust at least once a week.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.