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How To Choose Best Paying Slot Machines?

There are a multitude of slot machines available on the online market today.

You can choose a game based on its technical specs (number of reels, pay lines, volatility, RTP, etc.); bonus features (Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers); or even a game theme.

Modern slot machines are far from being classic one-armed bandits. Gaming developers have added numerous sophisticated features to their products to make sure that all gamblers find something interesting.

But how to choose the best paying slot machines, and what to keep your radar on to determine the most profitable gaming options? Let’s dive deep into this theme together.

Key Selection Criteria

If you are a novice gambler and have no clue what parameters of slot machines play a key role in your gameplay, then we are ready to guide you a bit.

Instead of rushing and playing the first game you come across, it is important to check the following characteristics:

  • RTP — this abbreviation stands for a return to the player and reflects the percentage that a slot machine will pay you back in a long run. The higher this percentage is, the better. Some of the slot machines with the highest return-to-player rate are Sweet Bonanza, Ugga Bugga, Mega Joker, Blood Suckers, etc. It is highly recommended that you pick a game whose RTP is close to 100%;
  • A number of reels — modern slot machines are available in different variations: with 3, 5, 7, or even more reels. Although the big number of reels provides a lot of opportunities to land the main prize, such games are more difficult to play. Therefore, it is best to give preference to more classic options — slots with 3 or 5 reels. You will have no issues operating this slot machine no matter what gambling experience you have so far;
How To Choose Best Paying Slot Machines?
  • A number of pay lines — in this regard, we would vote for slot machines with the max number of pay lines. This means that the big number of lines can make winning combinations in case you land the right symbols on the playing field. As a rule, most slot machines allow a payer to select a number of pay lines, so make sure that you configure it in the right way;
  • Bonus features — there is nothing better than having a chance to play your favorite slot machine for free, be awarded a bonus round or a pack of free spins. The situations when your jackpot is doubled or tripled are not rare if you play the right slot machine. To make the max out of the game, pick slot machines with Scatter and Wild symbols, as well as multipliers. Do not be lazy to check what every symbol means and what function it serves in the game;
  • Volatility — this parameter determines how risky the game is. The higher this indicator gets, the less likely you are to win. So if you decide to play a slot machine whose volatility is sky-high, be ready to quit the game with empty pockets;
  • Variance — it shows how much the return rate can deviate in one gaming session. Also, keep in mind that this indicator is very conditional and is not recognized by manufacturers or casinos. In practice, this means that slot machines with high variance give out winnings much less often, but their size will be many times higher than the rates. Low variance slots will provide frequent wins, but the amounts will be small;
  • Casino bonuses — many online casinos offer different bonuses for players who decide to play slot machines. And there is a real chance for you to play for free or even win a cash jackpot without depositing a dime from your pocket. To make it happen, you must check casino promotions and bonuses before you start the game. Do not forget to read terms and conditions; this, you will be aware of all the key features of the offer as well as pitfalls (if there are any);
  • Game theme — it should be interesting for you to play a slot machine. Of course, you may feel thrilled or excited about playing any slot machines; however, it is way more interesting to play the game featuring a theme from your favorite movie, cartoon, book, or magazine;
  • Jackpot type/size — there are different types of slot machines regarding the main prize they offer. Thus, you can choose from slot machines giving off fixed or progressive jackpots. In the latter case, the grand prize grows every second and can sometimes reach a couple of millions. There are even slot machines that offer a couple of prizes. One of such games is the Mega Vault Millionaire slot with a 4-level jackpot structure. If you want to win the max amount, then you should go for a progressive slot machine, but keep in mind that multi-million prizes are paid out less often.

Apart from the above characteristics to keep an eye on, you should also check the game manufacturer and reputation of this game dev company.

Some leading gaming manufacturers are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Betsoft, etc. At the same time, we strongly recommend that you attentively read customer reviews about the game.

Thus, you will know what to expect from spinning the reels. Will you be cheated? How ofter will bonus symbols appear in the reals? How smooth is the game flow?

You will find all the answers in customer reviews.

Anything Else Matters?

Choosing a good slot machine is your half success. It is also important to find a trusted online casino and get your hand trained by playing a slot machine in a demo mode.

Such an approach will boost your winning odds significantly.

We do not want you to lose all your life savings in one go, thus, share some easy-to-follow winning tips.

How To Choose Best Paying Slot Machines?

Do not experiment with your gameplay and consider the following recommendations from seasoned gamblers:

  • register in licensed online casinos only;
  • claim casino bonuses that are profitable for you;
  • play slot machines in a demo mode first;
  • do not make the top high stakes as you start the game;
  • be ready to quit the game at any moment;
  • keep track of your bankroll and losses;
  • control your emotions when playing a slot game at an online casino;
  • give preference to mobile-friendly casinos.

If you adhere to all the recommendations, you will enjoy a safe and risk-free game.

Do not restrict yourself to a desktop gambling setting only, do not invest all your budget at once, play at casinos with no fear of losing everything.

Modern online casinos offer hundreds of slot machines that you can choose from.

If there is an opportunity to play in a demo mode at a casino, then you can even run a test drive of every slot machine and pick the one that works best for you.

In this case, you will not need to waste your time checking lots of game features or reading customer reviews.

Things will become easier — you get to know how the slot machine functions and reality and get an idea of whether it is right for you or not.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.