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How To Care For A Sick Cat

How To Care For A Sick Cat

There are 92.4 million pet cats in the US distributed in 47.1 million households. Americans love their cats spending money on routine vet visits, food, grooming, treats, and toys. However, keeping cats healthy and happy is not the only responsibility of a pet owner. When your feline friend is ill, there are things that you need to make them feel better. Just like us, animals feel awful when they are sick and it is up to you as its human friend to help them recover as quickly as possible and provide support all the way.

Watch out for symptoms

Like humans, cats can get sick, too. For example, the cat flu is a viral disease that is pretty much the same as the common cold. Although it is not dangerous to older cats, it can become life-threatening for kittens. If your pets exhibit cold symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, runny eyes, sneezing, lack of appetite and even fever, do not hesitate to bring your furry pet to the vet.

Also, observe your cat’s sleeping habits. While cats in general sleep a lot as much as 15-18 hours per day, napping more than usual or changing their sleeping habits is a sign that something may be wrong with your pet. Check under their fangs to see if there are discolorations. Their gums should be pink and any other hue indicates an illness. Be vigilant of their poop and urine as well as they might be having problems in eliminating or are suffering from intestinal or urinary tract infections.

Relieving discomfort when they are sick

Once the vet has diagnosed their illness, it is up to you to administer their medications. While some cats may be fussy and it might be difficult to give them something to take, you need to be creative and slip their medications into their food or water. You can also wipe any discharge around the nose and eye with warm salt water for relief.

Encourage your cat to eat normally so that they regain their strength provided there is no diarrhea present. Warm up food to produce aromas that may stimulate their appetites.  Don’t forget to regularly clean their business areas. The best cat litter is one that is kept clean and dry. Cats are very picky about cleanliness, having a fresh litter box enhances their comfort and recovery. Also, put their fave toys next to them so that they have something familiar with them.

Sigmund Freud once said, “Time spent with cats is never wasted.” The joy and companionship your furry pet brings are immeasurable. When they are sick, caring for them is the least that you can do to show them your love.

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