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Hottest Adult Party Games From Games Adults Play

If you are looking for some adult party games to play, then I have four games that will have you laughing your butt off. Each adult paty game has some shocking and mind boggling questions that will keep your family and guests entertained for hours! Plus, you may learn some interesting things you didn’t know about your favorite people. Are you up for the challenge to host the best game night ever?

Adult Party Game #1: Friend or Faux

Hottest Adult Party Games From Games Adults Play472

Gather old friends, new friends, and faux friends to play Friend or Faux. Players go through five rounds of questions, as the game progresses each round becomes increasingly more revealing and entertaining. Get personal, share stories, recall memories and make new friends with Friend or Faux.

Adult Party Game #2: Tossed Salad

Hottest Adult Party Games From Games Adults Play472

Tossed Salad is the fast-paced game of quick thinking and acting nasty. This charades-like game is sure to prove who has the dirtiest mind and ensure hours of laughter. Players split into two teams and must get their teammates to shout out the double entendre listed on their card

Adult Party Game #3: Sip It

Hottest Adult Party Games From Games Adults Play472

BYOB? Don’t forget Sip It! This is the ultimate drinking game that serves up a side of laughter. Players take turns drawing cards that include tasks ranging from wildly ridiculous to mildly embarrassing. If a task is simply too uncomfortable, players must take a sip or lose points.

Adult Party Game #4: Shit Happens

Hottest Adult Party Games From Games Adults Play472

Shit Happens is the card game that brings people together through mutual shock and awe of terribly-unfortunate scenarios. Designed by the hysterical-former SNL writer, Andy Breckman, each of the shitty situation cards are ranked from 0-100 according to The Misery Index. What’s worse? Stepping in dog shit or finding half a dead hooker in your bed? The player who most accurately guesses, keeps the card.

It time to switch things up this year. Instead of the same old traditional games, why not try something different this year.

Which of these four games are you excited to try? I promise you that you can’t go wrong with any of them!

*Each of these games are not kid friendly. They should only be played by adults.

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