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Is Your Home Ready For The Fall And Winter?

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Are you excited about the fall? With just one more week to go until it’s officially here, it’s time to start getting organized! There are a few jobs to do around the home in preparation for the season ahead. These will make the transition through to the cold weather much more smooth. Here are some things to consider.

Is Your Home Heated Efficiently?

It’s likely to have been quite some time since you fired up your central heating system, and so don’t leave it until the last minute to make sure it all works. Put your heating up to full, and make sure it’s warming up correctly and that all radiators are working correctly. They may need bleeding since they haven’t been used in a while, this involves getting any bubbles of air out of the system. These bubbles of air stop the heat circulating properly, and so if you notice any issues, there’s a good chance this easy fix can put them right. While you’re testing your heating, check the pressure gauge at the front of your boiler too. Make sure it’s not too high- if it is then bleeding the radiators may help. If the pressure stays high after this, it’s an indication that it might need looking at by a professional. Don’t put it off- the last thing you want is your boiler to break down in the middle of winter! Even if you don’t have enough money for a boiler replacement, maybe you can apply for a subvention. If you have a wood burning fire, now is the time to make sure you’re well stocked with firewood. You’ll need somewhere dry to keep it, and away from the house for safety reasons. As well as your primary heating system, you could add some small individual heaters to bedrooms too. This means that when you’re getting up for work in the morning, you have the option of using the heater to take the chill off the room while you’re getting ready. This means you don’t have to put the entire central heating system on and wait for it to warm up, when you only need to heat the room up for a few minutes. Another way to add a layer of heating to your home is to fit electric blankets onto all of the beds.

Are All of Your DIY and Repair Jobs Finished?

If you have any unfinished projects around the home and garden, now is a great time to get them done. The weather is still mild so it will make everything much easier if you need to work outside. This way you’ll prevent any problems occurring over the winter, and have everything finished ready for the spring next year. If you have any repair work that needs completing- especially involving windows, doors or plumbing, it’s crucial to get this looked at before the cold weather hits. The seal around windows and doors should be in tact and mold free, and water pipes should be free of leaks. You can check for this by using a pressure gauge; this video has more information. Other jobs to get done include checking your gutters which could have become clogged and blocked with debris. Give them a clear out if they need it, this will stop rainwater from leaking out and damaging the exterior or your home or even causing leaks. Finally, check the roof of your house. Step back and see if there are any missing tiles or any problems that you can spot, ideally get up on a ladder for a proper look. Any cracks, leaks or damage around the home can cause extremely expensive problems once it starts to freeze, snow and rain. Carefully inspect your home inside and out for draughts, cracks, rot or anything else that looks like it could become an issue.

Are Your Gardens Tidy And Prepped For The Spring?

Much of your garden will die back over the fall and winter, but there are a few simple ways you can make sure it comes back into full bloom next spring. Plant any seeds or bulbs in your pots and borders now, where they will store energy ready to flower next year. Move any delicate plants into pots and store them in a greenhouse or grow house to protect them from the upcoming snow and frosts. Overseed your lawn; this will fill in any bald patches and thicken it up. Now is the ideal time to do this, as the grass seeds have time to get properly established before the cold weather properly hits. And generally just tidy and cut back any shrubs that need it, to encourage them to grow nicely next year. You could inspect tree limbs to make sure nothing is going to fall or easily come off in a storm that could cause damage to your house or property. And check things like shed and garage roofs to make sure there are no leaks. Once you’re finished with your garden tap for the year, buying an insulation ‘jacket’ to cover it is a good idea. This stops it becoming damaged by ice by constantly freezing and expanding.

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Have You Taken Steps To Prevent Damp and Mold?

Many houses are prone to mold. And while common, black mold is actually very dangerous to health. It releases spores which are harmful when breathed in. Take particular care with people who are vulnerable due to their age or health condition. Mold tends to crop up over the autumn and winter because condensation (caused from things like cooking, washing, bathing- even breathing!) comes in contact with cool walls. Because we tend to have our windows open less when it’s cold outside, the moisture sits on the walls without evaporating and creates a damp environment where mold thrives. You can take precautions against this by airing out your home for an hour each day, even if it’s chilly, by opening the windows. Once you’re up and dressed for the day, open your bedroom window to air out the room for a few minutes. This can help condensation caused from breathing throughout the night to evaporate. If you’re cooking or having a bath/ shower, open the window for an hour afterward to make sure steam can escape. Treat around windows as well as any mold patches that form with a good fungicidal mold product. And redecorate rooms which are prone to mold with an ‘anti-mold’ fungicidal paint.

Do You Have a Good Home Entertainment System In Place?

The colder seasons are the time when we retreat from the outside world, and most of our spare time is spent inside. Lazy evenings and weekends spent in the garden become cozy movie nights in front of the fire instead. And so it’s worth making sure your home cinema ‘hub’ up is up to scratch. You could upgrade your surround sound speakers, or install a ‘sound bar’ instead which gives a similar effect. You could invest in a bigger tv if it’s been a while since you upgraded. Choosing one which has a 3d feature will allow you to watch some movies in 3d for even more of a cinema effect. And of course, an unlimited data plan is essential for all of the Netflix streaming you’ll be doing! You can find more info from Suddenlink and other similar companies. Other ways you can upgrade your home cinema area is by making your seating as comfortable as possible. It could just be a case of adding more throws and pillows. Having blackout blinds or curtains fitted is also a good idea, so you’re not being blinded by the bright winter sun while you’re trying to enjoy your movie!

Have You Updated Your Beds For The Colder Weather?

As we’re approaching fall and winter, it’s nice to make sure bedrooms are as warm and cozy as possible. Ideally, you will have two duvets for all of the beds in your home. One for spring and summer, and another for autumn and winter. Now the weather has started to cool down; it’s a good time to switch out your duvet for a warmer one, or buy a warmer one. You can store duvets and bedding that’s not in use by investing in a vacuum storage bag. Your vacuum cleaner removes all of the air, and compacts it really small so it’s easy to store. Other ways you can make your beds cozy is by buying fleece or brushed cotton bedding which is extra snuggly and warm. You could invest in new pillows, or even a new mattress if you need to. Pillows should be replaced at least every two years (ideally every year) and mattress every seven years. These have a much shorter lifespan than people realize, so have a think back to when you bought yours. Finish off the beds with soft and cozy throws, faux fur and cable knit are good choices.

Have You Updated Your Decorative Accessories?

Finally, if you like to update your home for the seasons, now is the perfect time to bring out your fall accessories. You could switch out cushion covers, throws, wall art, decorative accessories and candles for fall inspired ones. You could bring in warming shades of red, gold and deep autumnal hues to update your color scheme for the season.

Is your home ready for the fall? Is there anything on this list that you still need to get around to doing?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.